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Hey All,
I’ve got a 81’ CB750 custom DOHC
I’ll be rewiring the whole bike with some updated components and I have a few dumb questions

list of components

Ricks Regulator Rectifier
Antigravity Battery
New Starter Solenoid
M-Unit - Blue
Motogadget 3 button switches x2
Motogadget bar end signals
Motogadget M-pin signals
Updated Keyed ignition
Motogadget electronic ignition
Denali Mini Sound Bomb

some of these are pretty straight forward because of the connections but others I’m not sure.

the Reg/Rec and CDI boxes and the like, are folks de-pinning the connectors that comes with them and then using the Wagyu connector or the Mizu connections.

I picked up the Deluxe wiring kit from Revival and a handful of additional connectors like the Mizu connectors, some of the waterproof ones and the like.

I was nervous about the de-pinning of components and wiring them up.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?
How comfortable are you with wiring? I am good as long as I have a diagram and I can pull out the various systems etc. As long as you put the wires from the connectors going to the right wires on the other side of it you're fine. Hard to explain what I mean, the connector you use just has to be wired the same as what you are removing unless you are also deleting a circuit or function. Your Charging and ignition circuits you want to work exactly the same as factory but with the upgraded components, New RR and Elec. Ign deleting points and condensers etc. Having all the M-Unit bits you'll be completely changing all the other circuits and reducing a crap ton of wire and connections. You can way simplify lights, signals, horn, gauges etc. etc.
When I do stuff like this I like to do both ends of one wire at a time. Don't disconnect old stuff till you have to, one wire at a time.
And when changing a cct I write out 1 page for each part with a wiring diagram wire colours and pin numbers and a list below of each wire with colour and exactly what and where it is connected both ends. and I solder and heat shrink every joint and solder every crimp.
apart for that run wires where they won't rub or get squashed and secure everything well.
It's worth the trouble, no funny electrical wiring faults pulling apart your good work.
Custom bikes, Custom troubles

good luck
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