Copper Pipe Customs - CL175 Build Thread - THE TIGER! (DONE..for now. VIDEO!)


Coast to Coast
Here she is before we did anything at all. Seat off, exhaust off, bars, etc. Name ideas are WELCOME!




My buddy Alex mocking up the drag bars... no clubmans for me!

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Nice man!! Cant wait to see this thing on the road! We gotta get out and run some of the backroads up north here when were ready..
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cool Im doing an cb175. Do some cool stuff, so I can borrow ideas.

Love that colour
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Looks like the tank and light bucket are in really good shape from the pic. I always thought the side graphic on that tank looked somehow like a hawk. Since it's a small cc bike, maybe it's a chickenhawk. :)

Good luck.

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"The Tiger"

first thing that came to mind when i saw that color scheme! =D
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Lovin the chickenhawk brother! Like the old Cypress Hill song all my Rap lovin buudys dug... "im a chickenhawk, huntin for a chicken, ya get paranoin when ya hear my glock clickin..." ;D ;D
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Like Curbcast said - keep up the good work so I can "borrow" ideas too ;)
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AHHHHH!! Names!

AND HAHAHA @ Mike with the Cypress Hill line: that was awesome haha.

So should we go with "Chicken Hawk" or "The Tiger".

I like Chicken Hawk better, however, I have gone with some kind of silly name on my other vehicles: The Black Demon (my race bicycle) The Red Dragon (my 1984 Honda Aero 50 Scooter), so I think Id love to call this thing "The Poison Tiger", but chickenhawk is also hilarious.

Here are some random pics - gonna try to get a BUNCH of work done this weekend.

And Mike, I need to put a 1 inch bend in my exhaust - you know anyone who could do that for me on the cheapo?



PARTS! (Motobits rearsets, gaskets gaskets gaskets, some fork oil drain bolts, sparkplug boots, carb jets, etc. )

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For your consideration:



The poison tiger is good. However, don't go by a nickname for that one, so people don't go here. ;D


I'm sure you will have a great build, regardless of the name.

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wow man wiht the tank and bucket condition i would not paint that at all! if anything clean it and then toss a few more coats of clear on it with that 2K clear... that is awesome just amazing paint! Looks to be a cool build! what kind of seat are you going with?
for the bend in the pipe man you can go to any exhaust place they will knock it out cheap!
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Haha thanks Joe! The thing is really clean. Looks like it was dropped at one point cause the only cosmetic blemish on the ENTIRE bike is a bend in the headlight bracket where it looks like someone did a half assed repair. The paint really is quite good, I just dont particularly dig on the color :-/

And yeah I actually just got off the phone with Meineke about the pipe - gonna go there this weekend and have that done. The exhaust should be awesome.

As for the seat - I like to think Ive got a pretty unique idea going: Im going to build the cone out of that block of foam you see, notch it on thebottom to contour the pan, and glass JUST THE CONE with an overlap on to the seat part of the pan. Then when I upholster it I will have the whole front section foamed and leathered with the thin foam and leather coming up on to the seat-back portion of the cone. This was the upholstery will continue over the sides of the pain in order to provide a little bit of lateral cushion. I should be well on my way to finished with the seat by the end of the holiday weekend. Ill post pics of the progress! Got my glass yesterday and Ill be sculpting away at the foam tonight. Pretty pumped.
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i feel ya on the seat that looks awesome, i just cringe everytime i see all these guys that score mint tanks with great color and they do not like it, i never get that!!! i always get the crap sun damaged, dented, and scratched tanks... hell i wish i had one to trade you for that tank... ha ha ha

going to be a cool build man!
i have a little KZ200 that my brother is trying to get me to cafe out... doubt that will happen, it is in awesome shape, if anything i will restore it... never done a restore.
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Dude you oughta build that! Start a small bore "Chickenhawks" club on here. Haha. I will say someting that suprised me about this little honda - is that Twin sounds AWESOME for being a 175. Really a unique sound.
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ha ha ha i got enough on my plate with the other bikes right now... maybe somewhere down the line, but i am a huge fan of the vintage look... plus look how clean this sucker is!
my brother lives 1 mile away so this scoot is great for someone to hop on the back and to shoot over to his house real fast... hell we have already put 75 miles on this sucker in 2 months (just ripping back and forth) who knows though man, i am always changing stuff around!

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ah ha ha ha traded my old boat for it, some dude that lived in the country has had it since his dad bought it in 78 or something like that
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did you get your jets @ northcity honda?

I still need some. Why do you need to rejet? Oh I geuss even cutting the muffler off would do it eh.
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Yeah - got some #100's from North City. Im losing the mufflers and putting pod style filters on. I think its a 93 jet in there now.
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