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Thanks crazypj for the carb work and the tach and speedo blockoff plugs. Everything was done to top notch specs. Thanks!
sxecafe said:
How did you find out about this offered service?

well the tach and speedo plugs he advertises here.
As for him rebuilding my carbs- this was something we had worked out on the side. He wanted some parts from me, and he offered the carb work in exchange. I am not sure he specifically advertises this "service", nor am I positive he actively seeks out this work. Would have to speak with him.
Just saw this and want to add my $.02: I just recently bought some parts off PJ. He was very easy to deal with and professional. Definitely a stand up character in my book.
Add me to the list of happy dealings. Just got the drum vents, easy peasy.
I'll post my own, but just wanted to add on to this and say I got some parts from PJ and it was a GREAT experience. Awesome job.
Another satisfied customer!! Peter takes great care in his work and goes above and beyond expectations. I just received my carbs for my CB360 project and they look fantastic! Also ordered a plug for the removed starter motor, and it too shows his excellent craftsmanship.

I'm not telling you anything we don't already know. Peter is the BEST!
I purchased a tach plug from crazypj. He was super professional, quick and the product exceeds my expectations. A real class act.
Just got a couple more doodads from PJ. The customer service and quality are a given, but I just wanted to say I really appreciate the reasonable pricing and shipping. It's nice to see a fellow enthusiast putting the emphasis on helping out other riders over profit. Thanks Peter.
Boondoggle said:
t's nice to see a fellow enthusiast putting the emphasis on helping out other riders over profit. Thanks Peter.

Ive been friends w PJ for more than 2 1/2 years now...He is everything above and more.

I dont know how he offers this kind of quality and service at the prices he charges...
This IS his only source of income. This is how he makes his living.
So, this thread is super...any word of mouth advertising you can afford him, truly is...the only advertising he can afford.
PJ was a half way house for all the parts on the CB build, they spent a few months there, accumulating whilst at the same time getting a tonne of custom parts made up.

The whole front end on my custom was thought of, made and tested by PJ. And at the end of it all he boxed up my shopping and sent it over.

My CB400F project is where it is today due to the skill of this man, all done with a creative engineering talent and accommodating spirit.

A bit gushing so I may try and offer an alternative view for balance.

Don't buy from this guy, his work is too good, his demeanour is too pleasant and his pricing is too cheap: what a bastard!

Go instead to your local bike shop, the one thy doesn't give a fuck about your vintage machine, let them rape you for all your hard earned cash and leave you with a bike that is no more improved. Screw the independent guy, doing great work for the niche, vintage bike, custom/cafe/bobber loving set!
Bought a starter block off plug a while back. Fair price, shipped fast, nicely made, and fits perfect. Can't get any better than that!
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