Crusty but trusty CL200 Build


I've been out of the scene for a couple of years, and decided one day that I really need to build another bike. I really thought that I was going to take my time, build something perfect, and dump a ton of money into it. But then I started looking at the incomplete CL200 I purchased (thanks Erik), and the patina is actually really cool. So I started cleaning up some parts, taking a good look at the condition, and made the decision that I am going to build this bike as a 'Crusty but Trusty' looking barn find. I'll replace things that need replacing, upgrade some things, put a little Scrambler influence into it, and see what I come up with.
With the purchase of the bike, I received boxes of parts. I am missing quite a bit to complete the bike at this time, but I will do what I can with what I have. Luckily, it came with a running engine! So far, I've found a decent looking set of CL pipes off of Ebay, minus muffler and a few miscellaneous items from a guy locally. I don't remember how to post pics (it's been awhile) or if there is an easier way than what I do remember, but when I figure it out, I will do so. So far, it's been fairly easy going, and satisfying cleaning the parts and just bolting them to the frame. If anyone reading this thread has any CB/CL175-200 parts laying around that you don't need, pm me and maybe I can use them. Thanks for looking!


Having some fun tonight! New starter installed, tune up, new muffler, new petcock and new battery. This thing is a beast. With like 600 forward gear choices and four-wheel-drive, I literally think this thing can crawl up the side of a building.


The shop is done!
Need to let the floors clear coat fully cure over the weekend, and then I get to move everything back in on Monday. Because of the work on the shop, I haven’t had much time to dedicate to the bike this week, but I did have time to clean a few things and bolt them in place. Everything so far looks good, is solid and functions properly.



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I used to love my ole Zuk 250 4x4 I put 45K Km's on it the 2 years I had it in high school. sold it for a computer in University and regretted it ever since. Nice start on the CL!

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