Custom Brat Style Suzuki GSX 250 Motorcycle


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My first custom project has scrubbed up nice and is on Gumtree -

View the article Pipeburn wrote about the bike -

Check out the video on Vimeo

Inspired by Japanese Brat Style bikes my 'Lil Brat, a custom Suzuki GSX 250 was stripped down, refurbished and rebuilt part by part. With so many Japanese style custom mods and parts making up the new look.
  • Lowered front and rear shocks
  • Rear frame hoop to hold fender
  • Short fenders
  • New tank
  • Bullet blinkers
  • Mini tail light
  • Acewell hybrid digital/analogue speedo
  • Unique mini ape hanger style bars
  • Smaller style headlamp
  • Reverse cone muffler
In good condition. Fully learner legal with brand new tyres and 12 months rego. Super fun to ride and sounds great. Test rides welcome. I can possibly bring it to you if within 5kms of Sydney CBD. Call Karl on 0406729115 for more info.
Further proof why noobs should stay away from looking at Pipeburn when thinking about building a bike.
Yes. Noob and proud. You miserable old cants were all noobs at some stage. We can't all be Steve Jobs from the get go now can we.

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I'm 27. Hardly miserably old. And when it comes to putting together a bike, you absolutely can. There is plenty of info available.
Have you tried to ride that thing over a bump in the road with more than 10 mph?
Your rear fender will eat your tire fast.
Meh, it ain't that bad.

Don't let your head get big over a pipeburn article. Your bike is something a 16year old might build after watching too much t.v.

But it's not as bad as these guys are making it out to be.

XB has a raging inferiority complex so he feels the need to personally insult people when he critiques a bike.

The clearance in the rear is deceptive.I bet it doesn't rub that much.

Its just a little custom cruiser. Nothing more nothing less. You did things differently than any experienced builder would have done them, that's all.

The wobbly ignition bothers me more than anything.

Hipsters always did strike me as putting on a costume every day, which is essentially what it is.That bothers me too, but that's a personal choice. Much like some of the choices you made on the bike.

Good Luck with the sale.
I like it....I'd ride it.

Wouldn't try to do land speed record runs.
Rear springs at max tightness. At least 3 inches of space. Never rubbed and I've hit some big holes.

And whatever haters. I had fun. I'll probably hate your bikes.

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The moment when your spine bottoms out.


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I don't get it. Another boring bike built by yet another hipster who has no idea about working on bikes but likes the idea of bikes. Nothing worth talking about there. So he got a local bike shop to actually build the thing and get it running properly. Maybe be more "builders" should do that.

But all in all most unremarkable. Not my style of bike but it ain't my bike so that matters not. It has to have a RWC in Australia so the shop must have made it safe enough, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

All in all, unremarkable. But thanks for sharing and I do understand the pride in taking a bike from idea to rideable motorcycle, so why sell it ?
teazer said:
It has to have a RWC in Australia so the shop must have made it safe enough, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

It's more that the RWC (now called a "Safety Certificate") will require turn signals and fenders to comply to regulations (indicators need to be at least 300 mm apart and fenders need to cover the tyres 45 deg from the vertical). He ain't getting one with the bike the way it is (well, not a legit one....) and he needs one to have the registration transferred.

And it just looks like shit anyway.
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