CVMG National Rally / Flea Market, Paris ON, June 13, 14, 1`5


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I culled this from the CVMG website. For more information please go to
"2014 Day Passes, $8.00 per person. Day passes are available Friday 12 noon until 5:30 PM and Saturday from 8 AM until 5 PM and Sunday 8 Am until 11AM. Parking in the outside lot. Day visitors welcomed to swap meet /display area. No participation in the events".
I know this is a busy weekend - Fathers' Day, Friday the 13th at Port Dover, short track at the Paris track and a bunch of other motorcycle-related events going on, but definitely worthwhile if you're into the older bikes.
If you attend, please drop by my booth to say hi.
Pat Cowan,
Vintage Motorcycle Fiberglass / Pacomotorstuff


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Good to see you there Pat! Have a good summer! 8)


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Was a great swap meet, but didn't get to see it all as others wanted to head on.
Didn't manage to stop by Pat, you were talking to someone when I came by, and I didn't make it back.

Also missed you Drew.

We went Friday, then continued on to Port Dover.

Missed the show too;


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A fun and enjoyable rally. Sorry I missed talking with some of you, but working the booth solo again this year meant I didn't get much of a chance to anything but sell. Was hardly even able to look around either - I hear the parking lot became its own motorcycle show both days but didn't get out even once to scope it out or take any pictures. Froze my ass off on the Friday night - have to look at alternative accommodations next year.
Modest purchases this year: WM3X18 shouldered alloy laced to a mysterion drum rear hub, yet another Preston Petty front number plate / headlight, a chromed YDS3 Yamaha 250 oil tank and a few other fiddly bits.
By my observation, it looked like the numbers - both in the crowds Fri and Sat and the amount of business conducted - were down from last year, but maybe that was just my own little corner of the show.
Hope to see you there next year and thanks to everyone who stopped by to shoot the shit and buy merch.


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Here's a link to the pictures I took at the Swap Meet and Port Dover later in the day;


Coast to Coast
Outstanding photos, thanks for sharing, I've never been able to figure out how to run the booth and get around the show at the same time, so your pix are really appreciated.
I stopped doing Dover years ago, the last time got a bit hairy (I think my last year was the year the cops confiscated a couple of machine guns), but looked like a decent time this year and low key enough for what it is.
Thanks again for the photos.

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