CVMG Two day Swap Meet in Conjunction with the Quinte TT, May 31, June 01


Coast to Coast
In conjunction with the Vintage Road Race Association (VRRA) Quinte TT being held at Shannonville Raceway Saturday, May 31 and Sunday, June 01, the local chapter of the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) is holding a two day swap meet / flea
There is no additional charge for the meet - the gate admission gets you into both events.
For additional information on the flea market, please contact George Best of the CVMG at
For information on the races, go to the VRRA website
Hope to see you at the TT!


Coast to Coast
Got back from the TT sunburned and dog tired. Best two days of weather I've ever seen at Shannonville.
Modest size flea market, under the bleachers so good shade, venue couldn't be beat with the vintage race bikes blasting by all day. Picked up a couple of vintage front fenders to clone at a later date, a brace of CB77 carbs in decent shape and a few other fiddly bits. Did a decent amount of commerce.
My compliments to the great crews that organized the flea market and the races and thanks to the DTT'ers that dropped by my booth to chat and look at and buy my parts.
For twenty bucks for the weekend, probably the cheapest entertainment around and great roads to ride on as well.
Hope to see more of you next year.


Been Around the Block
AH... if only I had checked here first! I live in Belleville and would have defo come to the track for a couple of days! Always next year.

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