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I was having some issues with a carb kit that I had purchased from someone other than Murray. He told me I could send them to him, and he'd see what he could do. Well, he got mine, and went ahead and sent out a kit of his own to test on my bike, didn't even ask me to pay for them before he sent them out. Got them, they are gorgeous. Work like a dream, and he is a pleasure to deal with. Needless to say, I just went ahead and purchased his kit. I'd recommend dealing with him to anybody and everybody that is thinking about doing something with their carbs. Great guy, very nice to deal with.

Thanks again, Murray. Love the carbs. The look a hell of a lot better than what I had, and more importantly, they work better.
Agree with you - great guy and willing to take a risk on you to get you on the road. His sole purpose is for you to get on the bike, push the button and ride worry free and it shows. His carbs are bulletproof.
Couple pics of the kit installed.

Looks spectacular.


Very cool good work to both of you. I love that manifold design, most people don't understand the concept that a straight flow manifold is going to help one carb feed two cylinders so much better than a manifold that has 90 degree radii.
These kits work fantastic! We are an authorized dealer for all Murray Carb kits! PM us for best price. We have sold many and they are easy to install.


CB750 DOHC VM34 2-1 carburetor kit Mikuni Sweetness!

VM34 2-1 dual Mikuni kit. Increases horsepower and torque-

-Each kit is test run and synchronized before shipped-

-This is the best 2-1 Mikuni kit on the market-

-Direct bolt on kit-

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I couldn't agree more. Murray saw me struggling with my GL and noticed that I don't live too far from him. Not only does he make great carb kits for the GL but he took the time to help me work on the bike for basically a whole day. I went from a paper weight to a near running bike in that time. The single carb kit he sold me has been solid and fires right up. Looks great too.
The day he heard I crashed he offered to send me whatever I needed to fix my bike. I managed to source parts closer but I appreciated the offer a lot. I am seriously considering getting his carb and manifold kit for the CX now that it is my bike, from what I have been told from 2 folks I know who own the kit, it is worth every penny and takes the bike from a decent bike to a holy shit wheelie machine LOL.
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