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Coast to Coast
If you are needing a part for your bike I recommend Cycle Reaper Industries of Provo, Utah.
Their nickname on evil bay is Junkboy66. I needed a crank for a 440. A 'new' member here
and on another site I frequently visit had one. After driving 3 hours to Does Moines to pick
it up turns out to have bad rod journals. The trip was not a total loss. I did get some other
parts. After getting back home I sent a message to 2 salvage yards thru eBay. One in Ohio
and Cycle Reaper in Provo. In that message I asked for the measurements on the journals.
Only Cycle Reaper responded. They gave the measurements of 35mm and 36mm. Which
is the correct size for new with no wear. I thought this answer was a little vague or generic.
But I needed to get this motorcycle done and out the door. When I received the crank the
journals were wrapped and tied with a rag for protection. The box was crammed full of
newspaper and not those styrofoam peanuts. The crank itself is in excellent condition.
For their service and merchandise provided I recommend Cycle Reaper of Provo, Utah
to anyone needing parts. The price was only a few dollars more than the other yard and
way cheaper than everyone else.
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