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Bound for the Playground....
OK, so starting a thread here to discuss rides and activities for the Triangle area in 2015. We are looking for folks to step up and sponsor a ride, so lay them out there...
cafetbird said:
sponsor a ride

Not quite sure what "sponsor" means in this context! Do you mean just to propose and then organize the ride, or do you mean something like a poker run where folks are expected to donate?

One possibility is what we would call the "Bike Shop Series". Each ride is to a dealership out of town (e.g., HondaSuzuki of Sanford, which is a great ride down 42). We could then scope out bikes at the dealership. One thought is to ask the dealership if they would organize donuts and coffee for our group. ;) We could each chip in $5 for the cost and any left over goes to charity. Or some such. The organizer would have the responsibility to liaise with the shop and promote the ride.
I think "sponsor" is flexible.

I like your ideas for a 'series' of rides.
I think it could also mean 'makes it happen'.

We are a large enough group now that we have a wide range of skills/experience/prerogatives such that no single event will appeal to all.

Throw up some ideas here, then if you feel it has legs, share it here as well on FB or other means and give it a go.

I plan to continue my 'tech day basics' series that I started last fall for those who are new to the hobby, fwiw.

Hopefully these will include a somewhat short (60 mi or less) ride through the back roads on the west side (saxapahaw, snow camp, liberty, etc.)

Let the ideas flow!!!!!!!!
I hope you guys will make the Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show. Saturday, April 25 @ 12pm @ the Southern Appalachian Brewery in Hendersonville, NC.
There's an open invite to DTT members to camp at my place Friday through Sunday. I have plenty of area to have bikes and vehicles, camp, etc.
My place is about 30 minutes from the brewery- a nice ride, too.
I provide dinner Friday night, breakfast and dinner Saturday, and breakfast Sunday. There will be a selection of craft beer, but we ask that anyone partaking also bring some brews to share.
Rsvp is requested. If anyone wishes to throw a few bucks our way, it's very appreciated, as it is a rather expensive weekend to host.
I think that covers the important stuff. Y'all come and have some beer, bikes, and bonfire fun!


Jenn, that sounds awesome. Let me check my calendar (and with my girlfriend!) and I will look to sign up! And yes if you incur costs don't feel bashful about asking for a contribution!
OK, lets list out some other events in the area this year. Not everyone cares about events, but just saying:

Ray Price Vintage Triumph Days - March 15
Eurobike Raleigh - April 12
Carolina Classic at NC Transportation Museum in Spencer - May
Denton AMCA Rally in Denton - May
DTT Spring Thaw in KY - May
Cyclemania in Charlotte - June
Bull City Rumble - Durham - September
Ace Corner at Barber Motorsports Park, AL and DTT gathering - October

Need to put in some local rides runs and gatherings too of course!
Ive been bogged down in the middle of moving for the past few months. That and the Eurobike thing had the pattern full. Time to bring this up again?
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