"Derelict Dragon" Gpz 305 Dragbike/LSR


I could agree with you but then we'd both be wrong
Here's the 3rd Gpz 305 project thread, my dragbike and Land Speed Racer.
I bought this one about a year ago for $ 45 off of ebay, mainly because it had a belt drive on it. The 305 belts are getting harder to come by all the time. The seller was parting it out and didn't realize the belt was the most sought after part on the bike and hadn't put it up for auction. He was selling everything else, and I just bought what was left, the only thing he really sold was the CDI/seat and a few other small items.
I got the frame/wheels/engine (not running)/most of the body work/belt/like new exhaust system. I had to buy the carbs/front brake caliper and stator separately from him for another $ 100.

Anyway here's what I started with

And the main reason I originally bought the bike, "THE BELT" ;D

I will be putting the belt on my Cafe project, the dragbike will be chain drive.

Getting it torn down quickly, that's always the easy part isn't it :p

Gpz 305 engine # 6 of my hoard.

Think I found out why the engine wasn't running, check out the rocker arm and the
cam lobe.


The engine other than the cam and rocker arm looks like it really doesn't have many miles on it.

So that's where I'm at as of tonight. The plan is to try and get it out to the dragstrip before the end of the season. The local strip runs until the end of Oct/Early Nov.
I'm just going to strip it down, get it running and go start getting a base to work from as far as times, etc. I think it will be fun running some of the bigger bikes in the brackets and hopefully beating them on occasion.

Then next year start trying to do some engine work, fine tuning etc. to see what she'll do. Also hope to get out to the Ohio Mile and try some LSR.


I could agree with you but then we'd both be wrong
Started cutting some tabs off the dragbike tonight.

Then I got bored and started to play around with some spray cans, I want the body work to be yellow and or grey. I just tried out some frame colors, what do you think?



I could agree with you but then we'd both be wrong
A little less grungy, all degreased and ready for blasting.

Everything else piled up in the corner of the shop, waiting until I get the cafe done.



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is that a rattle can paint job on the frame? I'm debating on spending the money to get mine powder coated or just spray paint it and save a few bucks.


I could agree with you but then we'd both be wrong
Been so busy at work that I haven't done anything on this in months, you could check out
my other builds from the links in my signature, the cafe or the 90% restore project.

Yes, the paint is rattle can, it all depends on what you want, if you take the time to prep,
and care in painting and then clear coat you can get a fairly good job. But if you're looking
for a great job and durability I'd go another route. All my project bikes will be modified over and over, so I'm not that concerned about GREAT paint, a good job will do. My bikes aren't show bikes, I like to ride. Hope that helps, have fun on your project.


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I like your screen name as well, see we both have a warped nature about us. Spray paint is more than likely the route I'll take this time around
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