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I've had this project on my mind for quite some time (years, really). I got a little more motivation in these past few weeks as we've decided to sponsor a high school team that is building a turbo CB350 LSR bike. They needed some help with the electrics and I offered my support.

With some help from DTTer @eyhonda, we now have some prototype boards.

I've got a little soldering and a lot of programming to do, but the foundation is here and progress is being made.

The end goal will be a modular (can use multiple input types) and programmable (custom maps) electronic ignition with electronic advance.

Here we go...


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Very cool project! Glad to be part of it. Programming was protoyped years ago, I remember lending some assistance there. I actually had some working code but not Arduino - straight to Atmel in C only.
Pretty sweet, have you had a look at the speeduino projects?

The NO2C bord has 2 ignition channels and 2 injector channels and is the same size as the arduino board itself.

They’re pretty much all open source btw so the documentation is pretty substantial.
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