DO THE TON Alabama 2010 Mama Tried


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Tim said:
Well I was riding a bright shiny silver tank and turned my DTT shirt backwards so the logo would be in any pics snapped of me :) Gotta keep promoting the site.
Yeah, that shiny-assed tank could be seen from miles away. I was thinking of the other guys : )


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Tim i dont think we got any pics of you but you were not the only one with a manx style tank the first lap we watched the triton go by thinking it was you


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TIm killer shots


"This one goes to eleven." -Nigel Tufnel
Awesome photos. I didn't need to be productive this week at work anyways.

Thank you guys for sharing, so we who didn't make it can feel like we did.


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Tim said:

You look good Tim, or is that a ringer on the XS?? Had a fantastic time down in Alabama, got to meet the DTT southern gang and hang out at Kiley's place. Many thanks to Kiley, Denise, Travis , Jenn, Brandon, Alex, Doug, Lauren, Troy, Kelly, Neil, Jared (hopefully didn't miss anyone but am terrible at names) for their hospitality and friendship. I've included a link to my photobucket account with pics of the weekend, just copy and paste it into your browser. Will be back next year for sure!!


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Nice shots Tim. The bike looks fantastic.

Kemp, very nice to meet you. Hopefully next time we'll get to chat more, you are an encyclopedia of bike knowedge.


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Awesome thread! I was born in B'ham but grew up on the Redneck Riviera. Those pix and videos remind me of just how beautiful that part of the country is. You show Alabama looking "Golf Course Perfect!" And those bikes just make it that much better.


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Thanks for the link Kemp. It was great to meet you and I can't wait to see everyone again next year!


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Finally got the rest of my pics uploaded...

Bikes lined the roads everywhere:

The Facility is Top Notch:

Brandon and Tim before the Parade Lap:

After our Parade Lap:

The Hotrod Stepside in front of the Museum:

Saturdays Air Show:

My DS7 at the Motorcycle Classics magazine bike show:

Myself and Allan de Cadanet:

Kawasaki 750 Triple Cafe Racer:

The Fuller Special:

Hesketh waiting on the Parade Lap:

No... Thank YOU:

You can view all the pics I took by visiting the link below. Use the password: vintage


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I found a new fave pic when scanning through the Killboy shots... just waiting to download the full size one.


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Thank You Kemp! I searched the paddock for #76, the sound of her going down the back straight made my knees week. :eek: I never did find her and couldn't read the tank graphix from the grassy knoll. :(

Might have known the bitch was Italian ::) ;D
Bennelli.......that should be affordable and easy to find parts for. ::)

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