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  • jungalist 1982 CB750F

    Votes: 1 5.0%
  • goodoltup Project CB690

    Votes: 10 50.0%
  • Jimbonaut CB750F

    Votes: 9 45.0%

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Tough choice for me this month as i love the 750 dohc and the 550 Hondas

the Bonkers idea of putting a KTM motor in a 550 gets my vote!


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Doesn't get much closer than that - proud to be goodoltup's bridesmaid. Congrats man, really well deserved. I'll pm you now and get your winnings on their way :cool:


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The cold of winter is drying up our vote counts, but glad to see it was a close one!


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The cold of winter is drying up our vote counts, but glad to see it was a close one!
I wonder if it's the differences in how people look at the board when they first enter? For me, my first move is to click on New Posts every time so I pretty much see everything that's happening. I don't know, maybe others log on and immediately go to a specific Forum or something? The traffic on here is much lower than a place like the BMW MOA, but I can't believe that we've only got 20 people regularly logging in over the span of time a BOTM voting post is up. I guess what I'm saying is I believe the regulars on here probably wouldn't specifically choose NOT to drop in a vote if they saw the opportunity. Heck, I don't know, just thinkin' out loud, I guess.


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I usually use the push notifications to access the site.
I also have missed a month or two for the votes and was sorely disappointed in myself.
After checking my notifications I usually head to the front page and check out what I have missed.

Maybe we could have an option to notify when a BOTM comes up. Might get more people interested.


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How many use Tapatalk as their main site access? Might include a note in the "voting open" post that you can hit the three dots and "Web View" to open the site in browser to permit voting.


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Tapatalk could be the issue. Folks need to know that the new version of the forum software works perfect on a phone browser with no need for Tapatalk anymore.


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jungalist 1982 CB750F


goodoltup Project CB690


Jimbonaut CB750F


Here are the Nomination Rules:
  • Nominate one of our members' bikes for Bike of the Month - include up to 3 flattering pictures of the bike in question. This is an opportunity to recognize someone who's bike has inspired you.

  • The Nomination must be accompanied by the member's User Name, a link to the thread where their bike is best described (Build thread, Show n Shine etc.) and a PHOTO of the bike in question.

  • Someone seconds the nomination (please only second one nomination)

  • Member should accept the nomination - If you're nominating a bike, make sure you're in contact with the owner, that they want the bike included and they accept the nomination. The Nominee should provide some back-story on the project, especially if there is a limited build thread.

  • Bike must be in running roadworthy condition - no basket cases. I know our bikes are never really 'finished' but it should be on the road/track/dirt and rideable.

  • If a bike has been nominated in the previous month but did not win, it should not be included in the current month's contest. Wait 3 months to allow other worthy nominations and then resubmit if you like.

  • Bikes that have won in prior contests should not be included unless they have been modified significantly.

We will accept up to three nominations for each monthly contest.

A poll will be set up and voting will take place.

Whoever ends the voting period with the most votes wins!



James (aka The Jimbonaut here on DTT) owns the jewelry company Lost Apostle

We are proud that they are sponsoring the BOTM competition, sweetening the pot with a $75 gift certificate!


This can be redeemed at their awesome website

Offering a wide selection of handmade bronze jewelry for the Renegade, the Rebel and the Rogue. let write my speech for me at

Now the BOTM winner can look sharp while tearing it up on their winning scoot.
My first introduction to a CB750 was through the sound of one whizzing by in 1969. Even as a kid I was mesmorized by the sound. My dad was a European auto mechanic and what I heard was more Ferrari than motorcycle. When I was older and had the money I bought a like new 1973 K3 750 and I was the coolest kid on the block....until the next kid showed up on a Z1 900! A few years later I got one of those. Cool kid on the block again...till the Suzuki GS 1000 showed up! Then I got some of those and worked my way to the drag strip. Did well there but none ever had the soul of my Honda or Kawasaki. It was a good time.
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Here's my Early-Mention Poster-Girl to drool over right now! It just ticks all of the right boxes in this incarnation!


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