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  • JAGSpeed - Honda Hornet 599 Retro-Mod

    Votes: 13 40.6%
  • sbaugz - 2 Stroke GT185 Cafe Racer

    Votes: 9 28.1%
  • irk miller - XS650 Heavy Metal Hardtail

    Votes: 10 31.3%

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Tough choice, indeed. When it's tough to vote for BOM like it is this month I usually end up voting for the one that I can see myself owning. I'm not sure that's 100% fair, but these three are all really sweet and represent imagination, skill, hours of work, and real financial investment. I'd ride all three, but there's one I'd like to have in my garage, that one got my vote.
Definitely a tough month, but right now, I'm a #chopppppaaaahhhh fan. I'd be chuffed at an opportunity to throw a leg over any one of these fine machines though!
Awesome machine JAGSpeed, I figgured you'd take it. Beattiful results and well done! ...although I have to confess the heart of the 18-year-old who still lives in my head, lies with the little GT. Hard to forget one's youth.
close race this month. Thanks for nominating and voting for my little GT185. Both competitors are well deserving to be in the mix this month. And that Honda resto-mod is bad-ass. that's the bike I would like to own!
Tighter than a buzzard's arse in a powerdive, they're always the good BOTM's. Great looking rides one and all, JAGSpeed by a nose :cool:
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Wow that nighthawk doesnt even look like a build. Looks like a special edition factory release. That thing is just perfectly executed. Impressive!!!
Thanks everyone for the compliments and votes. Just wanted to give a shout out to Irk and sbaugz for keeping it close and building two really great bikes.
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