DO THE TON Mama Tried 3 - Alabama 2012 - New and Improved with event pics!


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So... time's flying by and we're only 6 months away from the October 2012 Get Together!

I've gotten info from Barber, and first off want to ask if anyone is interested in having a swap meet booth again this year. We had a spot last year that was utilized, and I'm happy to sponsor another one this coming year if people are interested.

So PM me / email me if you're keen on throwing some parts on the ground and seeing what sells. With participation comes a commitment to spend some time at the booth helping sell everyone's stuff. It will be up to the respective participants to sort out details on who's spending what time at the spot etc, how to price items, collect and divvy up money etc.

Let me know - need to respond to Barber in the next couple of weeks.
You rascal.. You lured me in with BBQ and Barber... and then tried to talk business at me..
JustinLonghorn said:
I will not be there. Enjoy you sumbitches.

That blows Justin, but I have been informed by SHMBO that I amy not get to go this year either. Won't know for sure until closer to October.
Well it isn't on the Canuck thanksgiving this year. So I don't get a free day off but I could more likely get there as I won't miss family time. Hmmm I could easily do the crazy drive there in a day and a half again and back in a day and a half and only need to take Friday and Monday off. But a couple more days and I could ride....... if I start whining about it now I may get to go.
Oh man! There are 3 of us here in the GTA area who are really trying to make this happen this year! We're gonna bring the bikes but we won't likely be bringing anything to sell!! :D :D

Really, really, REALLY hope we can do this!! I'd love to be able to meet you guys! 8) 8)
I'm going to try and make it Thursday night this time. 1.5 days was not enough.

I brought some stuff last time but never took it to the booth. I don't know how effective it was last year since I didn't work it. I did hear that one of the problems was that it was hard for the people manning the booth to sell some stuff since they didn't know how low they could go. So I would suggest if you bring stuff to leave a list of min prices if you have one.

I would be willing to man it a half day but don't really NEED to sell anything.
Same here, im hoping to be there Thursday night. Not likely to bring anything to self, but if I get the twinshock xr80 cafe done by then id be glad to loan it at the swapmeet booth for dtt transportation... ill be staying at the hilton again tho I think. Anyone else staying there?
JustinLonghorn said:
I will not be there. Enjoy you sumbitches.

Damn it Justin. Was looking forward to seeing you again.
Mike I hope it works out that you will end up making it.
cyclefreak said:
Damn it Justin. Was looking forward to seeing you again.
Mike I hope it works out that you will end up making it.

I share the same sentiments. It just wont be the same without Justin. But I will be glad to meet Mike.
And Canada Mike. I really hope you make it out as well. I won't miss Barber for the world.
Maybe we could all pitch in and get a "Longhorn" Fathead?:
4eyes said:
October 12-14th this year. For those who have to put- in for vaca-days.

I had to guess at the dates since I have to schedule my vacation days in Nov... I chose wisely :D
I also already have a room booked for Saturday.

I don't know if I'll have anything to sell, but I'll help out at the booth if needed ;)

Now what was that about BBQ??
Big Rich said:
Maybe we could all pitch in and get a "Longhorn" Fathead?:

Haha effing brilliant! Kinda reminds me of the episode of home improvement when al borland was sick so Tim made a cardboard al with a phone where his head was so they could do the show via speakerphone :)I wow, that's been quite a few years ago...
Well so far if nobody's got anything to sell etc. then we don't need to bother with a booth. It's a good deal in that it comes with 2 festival passes and 2 museum passes and is $125 for the weekend. Also includes parking on the spot, camping on the spot as well.

But no reason to have the spot if we're not going to use it. I got it last year thinking it would be cool to have a spot to hang out in, but then we also set up a tent in the Cafe Racer area as it turned out, which I'm hoping we're going to be doing again this year. More on that to come as we get organized.
The booth is a great idea, so if you guys want it, then do it! Just remember it'll be manned by the sellers! That was the big problem last year, people brought stuff, but then didn't man the wares, so now's the time to plan it out. There is some good cash to be made!
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