DO THE TON Mama Tried #7!! Oct 7-9, 2016 in the Dirty South


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good to see you all

and meet a bunch of you '

hope every one got home safe

Happy Thanks giving to the Canadian contingent


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Sitting in Philly airport, wishing I was still in Bama, was awesome as always. Great to see the disfunctional family as always. Thanks to the hosts and Jenn for all they do. See Y'all again as soon as we can.


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Back home safe and sound. I had a great time as always. Let the photos roll in...

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xulf13 said:
Back home safe and sound. I had a great time as always. Let the photos roll in...

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Awesome to see you too bud and I wonder if Dockbwill post the photos you and Chris took using his phone?


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Maritime said:
Awesome to see you too bud and I wonder if Dockbwill post the photos you and Chris took using his phone?
Ha. No comments
Good seeing you too man. Safe travels and enjoy that Philly Cheese sandwich

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I had a killer time hanging with the DTT family. Everyone was cool once again but what else would I expect! Glad to be back home since the wife had me hooked up with some good old gumbo!

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What a weekend this has been!!!
Mama tried and the Barber Vinfest are always great and it just keeps getting better. Seeing old friends and making new ones never gets old. Yes, the bikes, the racing, the swap meet treasures, and all of the other stuff is cool. But it doesn't compare to the people I have been lucky enough to meet and have become family to me. Thanks to all of you who came this year(and those who couldn't make it) for memories of this weekend that I will never forget.


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DTT's own Dave/Doug monkeying around.


Coast to Coast
Great seeing old faces again and meeting new ones. 4 years is too long to be away from Barber. Already planning for next year! Thanks for letting the weird Indy kids hangout.


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Re: DO THE TON Mama Tried #7!! Oct 7-9, 2016 in the Dirty South- Special Thanks

Barber 2016 has come to an end and I wanted to take a moment to do a few shout-outs to some folks that really went above and beyond this year.

*E/Mr. E
From setup to teardown and everything in between, you rocked. Even with the task of working the Member Ventures booth, you still made time to work a shift, do store/errand runs, haul coolers, and run me back and forth. I'm so appreciative of your support throughout this process.

Thank you for providing the snacks for the volunteers. (You guys should thank Chris for feeding your tummies!)
You listened to my incessant ramblings about the prep work leading up to Barber, did setup/teardown, worked a shift, helped with the Member Ventures booth, and made the DTT bike display look fantastic. I could not have done ACB2016 without you- thank you so much.

Not only did you work a shift and help with teardown, you also shuttled me all over the place, chauffeured us to WaHo at 1am, arrived early and stayed late, and did Ace Corner teardown. Your encouragement and support throughout the planning process are so appreciated. You are amazing and I'm proud to be your bff!

*Eric/deviant & Ash
There are no words to express how appreciative I am for the way you guys busted butt on the Member Ventures booth. Ash, we all would've been rather dehydrated if it wasn't for your water distribution! You guys put in long hours and a lot of work. I'm so happy you were both able to make it- thank you for everything you did.

You were a tremendous help with the setup/teardown process and I so appreciate you contributing tables and a popup. Thank you for always being willing to pitch in and help.

*Nick/adventurco & Kayla/sealedwithakay
Nick, your bike writeups were beautiful. Thank you for the time and effort you out into designing them for everyone, printing them, and bringing them. Aaaaand you and wonderful Kayla worked a shift to boot. You guys rock!

For starters, I think you're the best salesman EVER. Watching you run that Member Ventures booth like a boss was a highlight of the weekend for me. I appreciate your friendship and your mad sales skills. Thanks for hooking us up with the pucks too!

*Kiley/Kanticoy & Denise
*Jared/cyclefreak & Melissa

Thank you guys for putting us up, putting up with us, feeding us, and loving us. We sure do love all of you!!

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a bigger part of Ace Corner 2016. It was the highlight of my year. Can't wait to have you and Dutra here for our 10th DTT anniversary!

To ALL the ACB2016 volunteers...
Will, Levi, Nick, Kayla, Kelly, Patty, Cory, Justin H, Jarret, E, Chris V, Charlie (thank you for treating us to WaHo!), Ted, Charlie O, John, Dean (thank you for the extra parking pass!!), Garry, Eddie (you rocked the shuttle service, dude!), Justin S...

You guys made this year the best ever. It was an honor and a privilege to work with you all.

Last but not least, for those of you that submitted Bike Writeups... thank you a million times over. I loved watching everyone getting recognition for the builds.
Kiley (2 submissions), Chris V, Nick, Murray, Levi, Ted, Jared (2 submissions), Jordan, Chris C, Cory, Al, Charlie
Special congrats to Jordan, winner of Best Japanese Cafe Racer!

Love you guys!!

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