DO THE TON Mama Tried #9!! Oct 5-7, 2018 in the Dirty South


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It's that time of year again! 21 days...

Consider this the official 'Call for Volunteers' for Ace Corner. We're looking for folks to help out in either the morning (8am- 12:30pm) or afternoon (12:30pm- 5pm) on Friday and Saturday (Sunday is already covered).

DO THE TON will be checking passes and telling people where to park their rides at the entrance to the Ace Corner, as well as directing folks who want to enter their eligible bikes in the judged show to that area for registration and display parking.

In appreciation of you volunteering your time, you will get a 3-Day General Admission + Ace Corner pass.

Some of you are already on the volunteer schedule- thank you! We do still need help.
We're looking for 20-24 folks altogether. Ideally we have 3-4 people on each of the shifts, and no repeats.

PM me or email me at with your desired time slot and any pertinent details like who else you're volunteering to help out.
Thank you!


Over 1,000 Posts

Thanks to those of you who are volunteering. We still have several spots open on the Friday morning shift, one spot Friday afternoon, and one spot Sunday afternoon.
Drop me a line if you're interested. It's a great opportunity :)

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