Does anyone have a favorite carb set or manufacturer?


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I ask as the set on my CB900 is old and getting pissy and is an oddball itself. CR's are more $ than my bike and I was thinking of an older CB750 set, but you see everything out there from oddball singles, to Webers to home made EFI. Just wondered if anyone has a favorite that is simple, cheap, and available.( in a perfect world that is). Saw these as something different from Speed Moto, but then again my budget is limited to mainly lint and change....


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that is my carb kit they are a dealer of mine
if ytou are looking for an impression of them as irk here on the forum
or j-rod they have them irk has a few sets of them


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Thanks CX man! I just stumbled on that set while looking around. I am amazed at some of the old CB750 sets on ebay that look like they rested on the ocean floor for a decade and still ask over $100.00. Maybe IRK or J rod will jump on here with a review. Do you ever run specials on these? Or have a favorite dealer?


Member budget is low also lol....I'm slowly saving for Murray's carbs for my cb750...never read a complaint against them!!


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I like using Weber DCOE's on twins [ would work for 4's ].

Where that's not practical I like DelOrtos.

However, BOTH are inexpensive here in the UK.

for my KZ 750 Cafe Racer cost £45 and a rebuild kit £14.

I go back to the 60's using Webers on my Triumph Kneeler Sidecar outfit. Later used on the road..

The Eagle eyed will notice both long and short runner intake manifolds. I ended up going with the longer runners so I could plumb the Nitrous Foggers into it ! And yes, the nozzles haven't been indexed in this pic.
weber manifold 001.JPG
KZ750 headers etc 003.jpg

kz mule set up 016.jpg
KZ work april 21st 010.jpg
The 40DCOE


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Nice looking manifolds and set up there. How much HP/PS boost are you planning to spray there?


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I have a system that was originally destined for a Harley Drag bike. I have jets for 25, 55, and 75 bhp squirts.

I'll start with the 25bhp set up as the bike will not be a full on Weekend Warrior. It's more of an engineering "whatif" exercise.

It's a "stealth" set up.. the NOS bottle snuggles under the tank cover [ proper alloy mounts now made ] together with the solenoids and other squitter - you'll have to look close to see the only give away - the Foggers in the manifold.
kz tank prep 002.jpg
nos kit.jpg
kz tank prep 001.jpg


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That is awesome. I like the whole premise of "what if" and "why not" projects.
That ethos was instilled into me by my professor during my A.M.I.Mech.E Engineering degree course and has served me well throughout 55 years of engineering design and development.

He always encouraged us to think outside the box and ask the questions "What if / Why not".

That has enabled me to come up with some innovative solutions over the years which fly in the face of the norm.

Of course they don't always work, but without that questioning the norm - you would never know.................


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EFI isn't that bad on price if you shop around. For most bikes you could use a microsquirt ECU, under $400 with a pigtail, source throttle bodies from something like a 2001 gsxr600 for about $100, for most stuff you can probably even use the injectors that'll probably come with them. For most sensors GM is affordable and works well. Big things are fuel pump, if you have room ATVs tend to have a nice remote mount pump in a swirl pot, intank gets complicated. Chevy LS coils can be found cheap and work great.

I did the whole setup on my XS for around $7-800. But I'll add I already had experience with a megasquirt ecu and can machine my own parts. You can see the ecu and wiring under the seat here, as well as the throttle bodies.

I had fun doing it, but carbs could get the same performance with less work.
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I've always been quite fond of Ibea carbs. That in no way helps this thread but they look great so I thought I'd share. I ran these on my RD for a summer, they were fast as hell but that's the only thing they did well. They were awful on mileage and liked to load up at stop lights. I've gone back to the TM28's, but am keeping these Ibeas around for the time being. They are quite valuable/desirable at around $400 per carb.


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