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potilas-saarinen said:
Under the tank. I have this small shorai lithium battery there

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That must be a small battery. What model? Any issues with it spinning the starter?


Finally "finished" my 1981 CB750K, although its never really finished, still have a list of future changes I want to make. It was quite the feeling finally being able to ride it after the 5 years of slowly working on it. I have been a longtime reader on here, and couldn't have completed my bike without this forum, thank you to all who have posted on their builds and insights! I am debating on whether or not to go with emblems or no emblems on the tank, any opinions?



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Bike looks good. Not sure how long you could ride it though. I'd change the ergos a little. Say move the pegs forwards about 2 inches and maybe down an inch and raise the bars to give your wrists a rest. When you get a chance to put some miles on it, you'll be able to work out what works best for you.


Yeah I can already tell its not going to be the most comfortable position. This build was a big learning experience, and I will do a lot of things differently on the next one. I didn't think everything through and didn't necessarily have everything planned out at the right times. Cognito Moto now has DOHC rearset brackets that I think would improve the foot location and I may have to purchase after the comfort level of the current position proves to be too much.


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The badges are really up to you. I added them on my GL1000, and it really helped. I like your green background on them.
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