DOT Turn signals

Im currently searching for turn signals and I'm finding that most are not DOT approved. Will this be an issue for state inspection? I live in va and I'm not sure if this is something they stick it to you on.
I'd search around for your state's Motorcycle Safety Inspection guidelines, it should give you the absolute rules that they need to follow. That being said, so much of this stuff gets overlooked by your average inspector. My 750 has about 4 things that should ding it, and it passed without them batting an eye.
DOT Turn signals

Read through it and it says they need to be SAE. They also had some info on heights.
Im pretty sure in most states, as long as it HAS turn signals you will be ok. We have replaced all the turn signals on the bikes in our family with small rectangular ones from Dennis Kirk, not DOT approved, and all bikes pass inspection. And we are in NY.
DOT Turn signals

In VA, do we need to get a bike this old inspected? Pros/cons of getting an antique license. I tried when I went and they told me I couldn't?
DOT Turn signals

Bc most of what I'm doing to my bike now I don't think will pass inspection in this lovely state. I know my turn signals aren't DOT approved. They are the small black tinted ones kinda like yours OP
DOT Turn signals

Antique tags kind of suck because you can't ride your bike to commute. To and from shows or weekend cruise type thing. You don't need turn signals. However, if they are on the bike they need to work. They didn't check to see if my lights were dot.

Where are you located in va?
Warrenton... But yeah they told me all of that when I tried gettin antique tags. Why I ultimately said no.
In MO it states they are required "If applicable" which means if the bike came with them then you have to have them. Thats the good thing about knowing someone that does inspections. He don't care as long as the bike is safe.
1974 and newer, under federal statues, street bikes must have 2 mirrors and turn signals, with left side foot shift and right side foot brake. It's in the FMVSS somewhere.

Your state can choose not to enforce the standard, I only need one mirror, head and tail lights to be legal where I'm at. Just can't take it out of state w/o risking equipment violation tickets. And several states are off limits courtesy of my apehangers, no height limit here (I run 15s).
I guess there are two questions, and the answers to both depend on (generally) where you are in VA, and where/how you ride it. Northern VA tends to be MUCH more strict, and the more suburban areas (whether northern or not) are more stringent. That being said, find a shop, or a buddy at a shop that is NOT strict.

1) You are correct, VA does not require turn signals, but if equipped, they must work. That being said, put whatever signals are on it and I seriously doubt you will have any issue getting it to pass. Most inspectors will not know to look, much less know what is required by DOT for turn signals. That, or just yank them off and hand signal. You MUST have a brake light regardless.

2) Antique tag it and never look back, UNLESS you drive it to work everyday and pass by the same officer everyday. It might stand out then, but you aren't going to get pulled simply for riding during the week. They will NOT monitor your mileage usage (since it doesn't have to be inspected) and the law states you are allowed to ride to and from shows/events and for pleasure drives. Also you are allowed to ride to test equipment. Aren't you always testing equipment and going for a pleasure drive?!?!?! Wink, wink.
This link may help. I'm not sure if it contains to motorcycles but it says antique motor vehicles.
Here in Pa they only say you need to have 1 mirror on the left side. But if it came stock with turn signals it must have them.
We are also sapose to have a head light that is on at all time's but if your bike was made with a switch to turn them off then you are exempt.
I have a 74 Moto Guzzi Eldorado LAPD and I have Antique Plate on it and I ride it almost every day.
I have been doing this for 6 years now with no issue's from the cops.
1 time registration. No annual Inspection.
Go for it and have fun.
Yeah, I have an old vette that has antique plates on it and I drive it anywhere, when it works. I know they say you can't drive it after dark, but most cops don't know that and don't care. They don't check your mileage and with the insurance I have I'm not limited to a set limit.
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