Dreadnotred Hellride chopper


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Suzuki makes a couple 650 singles... if you get rid of that 550 lump let me know man I have a frame I could throw it into


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irk miller said:
The problem with Kawi mags is they weigh 312 pounds each. Im'a look anyway. And since you guys all hate Comstars, maybe I really should use them. As far as thumpers, I don't think this is the frame for a thumper. It's a CB750 frame, which means the cradle is pretty big. Most thumper motors will look like a Z50 in this frame.
Heavy rims dont matter that much on a chopper, i think i would even enjoy that gyro effect when hammocking down the road!

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irk miller

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I just got back from Macon, GA after trading a gun for a rolling 750f and 750k. The PO completely, I mean completely, disassembled the motor because someone before him welded the countershaft sprocket onto the countershaft. I think the compression may be low on here, so it could need rings. The #2 plug is stripped, the headers are rusty. But, there has also been a few cool mods...



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Looks like PO actually did a decent job of painting the motor. That's a lot of work already done. Why the hell would someone weld the sprocket on there? Bizarre.


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Doesn't look like that sprocket had many miles put on it after that "fix"

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