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Dallas seems to have a lot of DTT activity on this forum with rides, meetups ,etc....
I was wondering if there is also a DTT presence in Houston???
Better to ride in this than the furness we call summer! My bike will be ready by mid Jan I'd be up for a tri-city meetup, SA, Houston and Austin.
Inferno Houston Summers are not fun on a MOTO...
I am finishing mine this month...cranking her up this weekend and working the kinks out... it should be ready by Jan.
i just bought a cb360 and xs650 so whichever finishes first you'll see me riding around in the houston area
Checking in from Houston. Ton Up is a fun group, but mainly Brit bike enthusiasts and anglophiles.

Let's get a monthly meet up going. Any old bikes welcome - not just the imperial stuff. Any interest, fellas? Downtown/midtown/Washington area is nice and central. We could even meet up at my lil' workshop on the East End, have a beer, shoot the shit and ride out. It's great to get together as group, talk bikes, troubleshoot, etc - we all get smarter!

BLiP Workshop on the web

BLiP Workshop on facebook
Yeah man, sounds like a great idea. I'm right off Washington ave. I just split the cases on my only motorbike last night so I'm still a few weeks out, but I'm in for June (hopefully).

There's a lot of nice work on your site, btw.
Would that be the KZ400 in your signature? Cool bike. We have a KZ440 at the shop that's a project in waiting. We should grab a beer sometime. Or, even better, stop on by the shop. It's an evenings and weekends type of pursuit, for now. And not all that far from Washington.
Southwest Houston (Meyerland) here. Am considering a rebuild to make the engine shiny. Any help at my place would be welcome.

I would be up for a meet-up, but it would be on my Hardley, as the vintages are in various states of disrepair.
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