Dual Brembo Calipers


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I got a set of dual 2 pot brembo calipers. They are off of a Ducati Monster, but a couple of other Ducatis have used them. They are in nice very nice shape. I was going to do a dual disc on my Kawi h1 but have decided to go a different way. I have adapter plates for the Kawi h1/h2 if you would want the calipers for that bike. $125 shipped in the US, actual shipping for outside. I don't get on here all the time, so you can also contact me at jeffabbyisaac@yahoo.com Thanks.


This is how they would look mounted with adapter plates. The plates are only included if you have a Kawi h1/h2.

Did you actually get these calipers to function as brakes or just mock them up. I ask because normally older rotors are a lot thicker then modern ones
I only had them mocked up. I was going to thin the stock rotors from the h1. The calipers with pads (that don't look very used) did fit over the stock rotor which I belive was 7mm thick. I would say that is the biggest rotor thickness that will work with these, and I can not guarantee that they woud fit over with brand new pads in them.
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