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Found this '87 Indiana- it was advertised as parts, but was in running order when I went to look at it.
I'm looking to turn it into an urban scramble type- have obtained a rear Cagiva spoked wheel and will try to see if I can line it up.
Will try to make a start during this week and post a few shots.

As you can see it was painted in model aircraft paint by a 4 year old.
I have to pick a colour for the re-paint

All opinions will be accepted

At mo I'm looking at metallic green over cream



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Any ideas on getting the photo to be right way up?
It keeps loading upside down on the site- but looks OK in my file


Vmax...why,yes i think i will
nope, I think it looked better upside down......

good luck with that one


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spotty said:
nope, I think it looked better upside down......

good luck with that one
You're very cruel - maybe the next photos of it stripped and on spoked wheels may change your mind


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I've never heard of the Indiana...but I kinda like it in spite of myself ( I have a thing for ugly bikes and cars ). Looking forward to seeing what you can do with this!


Indiana's were the top of the cruiser heap in the late '80's, it's a really nice bike to ride, quick, responsive. You might want to think about a restoration they're not a lot of them around.


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Never seen one but signing up to see what you do. It is fugly now but I can see the potential tracker in it.


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We are now at this stage.
Machine stripped
lots of heavy corrosion- the bike was kept near the sea and all parts are badly pitted and chrome is peeling
Have engine cases, forks and exhaust away for blasting and polishing
Fuel tank and revised mudguards are back from paint shop
Wheels were very bad- so they were , blasted powder coated and lacquered- finish is still poor- but usable
Finding it difficult to locate parts and a manual- it's a 2V air cooled engine from the mid 80s so i'm using a mix of Pantah and Darmah info.
Will post some better photos as it improves



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Firs look at a new dry build-
No luck with the chrome plating on the fork legs or engine casings- will have to go with blasting and powder coating- (my least favourite)
Not a great finish on the polished parts (belt covers, rocker covers etc)- but acceptable.
Fitted new belts, tensioners and checked the desmo valve clearances - all now OK
Slow progress for a while- I'm away and I can't continue with out the rest of the casings and forks


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