Dyno party this saturday! sorry for the late post...


"Ton Up" pacific NW style
My hommie Ian is putting on a party at his shop this saturday @ 4pm!

if you havent heard about it or scene it check out Twinline motorcycles! www.twinlinemotorcycles.com
its a seattle based cafe shop the specializes in pre-1978 europen and japanese bikes.

It's the Dyno Jam 2008!

How many horses? Whats your top speed? Find out at Twinline's the dyno party!

Saturday April 12th 2008 @ 4pm untill the last paying customer has been run on the dyno!

Runs will be $18 pr. run or $50 for 3 runs! (Thats a deal! dyno time is usualy $150-$175 pr. hour!)
Proceeds benifit the twinline race team

there will be Music, BBQ, Bikes, Babes and a great time... (ok, i just put the babes part in there but a guy can wish.)

Mount up and roll on down to georgetown! (ok i know how most of you cafe people are... if your bike dosent run you should still show up and support your localk shop these are great guys down at Twinline)

Twinline Motorcycles
6501 E. Marginal Way S.

The dyno party was off the hook! first off i got there early to purchase my new mikuni carbs & help prep the shop for the party then i waited for bates to show up so we could put a new chain on his $300 craigslist yamaha xs400. i did tech inspections on all the bikes running on the dyno flipped a few burgers conversed with people and rode to smarty pants for a sandwich. (veggie)

some friends of bates and myself came and went but at the end of the night it was me and bates that stayed around for trophys... BATES'S $300 CRAIGSLIST YAMAHA XS400) WON MIDDLEWEIGHT HIGHEST HP! a 400cc took out all bikes from 200cc's-550cc's! it hit 27WHP!!! I now must improve my engine to hit 30whp... if only for bragging rights or nothing at all.

on the topic of engine performance,
is anyone out there a yamaha xs professional? i have all the paper work i need to build my engine except what cam to use. megacycle has a re-grind for the xs400 79-83 but will this work in my bike?

SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!


oh yeah a guy showed up with a MV Agusta and there was a slight mishap on the dyno, but im trying to leave work so thats another story... :)
What cam you use is going to be directly linked to how your engine is built and how you intend to use it.

Unfortunately dropping a hot cam in a more or less stock engine will only make you faster by lightening your wallet.
To support and take advantage of my megacycle cams in my CB500T I've done (or am in the middle of doing) the following:
-trued crank: Most of these small bikes use a pressed together crank and they can twist a bit over time, screwing uo can and ignition timing as well as making vibrations worse.
-shot peened OEM rods with fresh bolts: Stronger....strong is good
-lightened pistons and wrist pins: Less weight to fling around will help the motor spool up quicker and last longer
-flycut head: this is a big one, to really take advantage of a cam you need to bump the compression ratio up (within reason)
-port and polished, relieved valve stems, valve job and fresh valve springs: Flow is good, especially with a cam
-larger carbs and pod filters: I'm running a pair of 34mm Mikuni VMs....again, more flow + good
-highflow, equal length exhaust with minimal backpressure: Flow is good (starting ot see a patern?) and pipe length will play directly into how the power is delivered. I went to 1.75" pipes in place of the stock 1.5" and a couple short reverse cone megaphones....might be loud...?hehe

This is the basics that'll get you most of the way. A hotter ignition will help, in my case I'm going to run dual plugs on each cylinder and a pair of 3ohm dual output coil and a DYNA ignition booster triggered by the OEM points. Once you start doing stuff like this you'd be well served to think about a stouter clutch. Also, while not making HP, taking weight off the bike can take better advantage of what you do make. I'm shooting for right around 325lbs with my bike.

Anyway, I hope this helps some. I am hoping to get up in your neck of the woods later when the friggin' weather turns. We should ride when I do....I'll let you know.
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