E bike reveal in Cleveland 3-20 by Cleveland Cycle Werks


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After searching the net for some Lifan engine ID info ( which is elusive at best , WTH) I stumbled upon an engine on ebay bearing Cleveland Cycle Werks logo. Long story short I contacted CCW and found it was a NJ seller, not CCW. After sending them the link to the faker so they can pursue him, we talked a while about bike building and they started talking about electric bikes. They have a reveal coming out in Cleveland at the Crawford Auto and Aviation Museum on March 20th 2020. Dont know much about their products other than they use some Lifan style engines and build some neat little bikes. Personally I am a fan of the older stuff but this may draw some new blood into the motorcycle gang, and still leave the old fossils for us. I like old, but still like the info on new so here is the link.


Been Around the Block
That would be pretty cool! They for sure have the tech of the motors and batteries nailed down. I see Harley is in the game now.
I was in on a demo of an electric school bus last year. Fun to drive, but i am not sure about it holding up in the road salt we get here in the "rust belt".


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That is a good question. I looked over their site and see no pricing info available on any of their bikes. I am going to Cleveland to see Joe Bonamassa on 3/7 and thought I might try and find their place and check them out. I will update if I find out anything.

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