EAST COAST gear now here!

Holiday special!
Shirt,patch,1 each size decal $25 shipped cont us

I am still sitting on a ton of this stuff!

Happy Holidays
If you still have any left in 2 weeks, ill pick one of that package deal up. Do you have size small shirts?
I still have ALOT of all the items.
All prices shipped cont. usa

Shirts $20
Patch $6
4" decal-$4
2.5" decal $2

Shirt,patch and 1 each decal $25
Hey everyone. Rocket man is my brother and I currently have all of the gear he had up for sale here. Sadly I must report that he has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and has been given less than 6 months. So if anyone thinks they can take on the sales of this stuff it would help us out a lot. Check out our Facebook page too if you could. Jay Heverly Benefit
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