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Busted Nut
So I "Planned" on buying one of those Stainless Bolt kits for the 82 KZ 750....Yesterday I Go to take the stator cover off and all 4 (phillips heads) Screws are rusted to shit I mean Bad....Phillips won't work, can't even budge them with it....Bust out the vice grips get em on there and 3 come out no problem....Can you guess what happened to the last one? After the bolt Snapped I sanded the end flat and tapped on it with a hammer, Put the vice grips on the left over piece try and turn it and it snaps rite off.....So I buy my first easy out (no directions)....But it comes with a drill bit and i've seen this done before....So I have at it.....after drilling out the center of "Busted Nut" i stick the easy out in the divit and have at it.....Nothing....I drill deeper.....Easy out....Nothing.....So now that I feel like i'm drilling directly into my engine...Am I doing This the right way? I'm using an air drill should I be using my electric?

The pic on the Vermont Cutting board is the broken bolt piece and my easy out the second pic is before the piece broke off kinda blurry but you can see it


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did you make sure that you set the drill to reverse, or counter clockwise? unlike the regular motion for a drill, which is clockwise. that way it can grab on. and maybe try to use a smaller drill bit to start the hole before using the easy out.
Thanks joe I tried a smaller bit first not sure which way i'm drilling....I think i tried both ways both were equally doing nothing
You might have better luck with some left-handed (anti-clockwise) drill bits.

Or weld a nut over the remaining stub and unbolt it (that works for me 99 times out of 100)
I have never had success with an easy out. Heat will be your friend on this one. whip out the MAP or oxy / acetylene torch and heat the area around the screw. Get it nice and hot and try cranking it out with the vise grips. The 'weld a nut on' trick works by the same principal...heat.

If you snap the screw off further, then buy a set of reverse twist drill bits and a center punch. I found a set at AutoZone fairly cheap. File the screw flat, center punch carefully, then start with the smallest bit and start working your way up. If you are lucky, the remaining threads will twist out of the case.

If THAT doesn't work...drill the screw out and stick a heli-coil in there. It's not a critical spot and it looks like you have good access so it should hold up fine.
My problem is that the piece you guys see in the second picture has fallen off it's actually the piece sitting on the cutting board in the first picture....Drilling has entered the motor just a hair, which is where i'm at now ....Heat i should have tried last week....Heat i should still try....heat and? easy out? i bought a shit load of random tools yesterday for $20 i'll throw those at it and see what happens
If you have drilled the bolt in the centre you might still be in luck. Up the drill size gradually to get as much of the bolt out as you can. Then you might be able to "chisel" the remaining thread out.

I got lucky with that once (before I discovered the welding method).
Your EZ out is too big for the screw, it should only be about 2/3 of the diameter of the bolt at the tip of the EZ out. It looks like it's the same size at the tip as that of the screw. Get one size smaller, heat will help a lot too. The direction of the actual drilling is not important, but DON'T USE A DRILL WITH THE EZ OUT! You have to go SLOW with it, give it time to hook into the metal, stainless is soft, contrary to popular belief, let the tool do the work for you. Grab a small (8" or so) crescent wrench and slooooooowly turn the EZ out counter-clockwise. it will grab and dig into the SS bolt and just ease it out.

Another option is to get a drill bit that is the TAP DRILL size of the bolt you are trying to remove and drill it as close to center as possible. Once it's drilled, then you can take a small pick (like 4$ at Harbor Freight/Northern Tool/etc) and dig out the remaining metal shavings in the threads. Then run a plug tap down the hole to re-establish threads in the hole. It will save you from over-sizing the hole or heli-coiling it. I've had to do this once or twice if you couldn't tell! Hahaha! Good luck man.
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