Ebay seller disaster dave motors.


i love couche tard
Has any one heard of this guys? Or bought parts off of him? Ive seen a complete gasket set from him at a good price. Anybody have any info on him? Hes from vancouver canada i know there are few members from there.
I've bought a few really cool t-shirts from him. Good seller. He's very active in the Vancouver bike scene and organizes events. You should e-mail him first to see if he has them in stock.
Thats cool thanks for the info dr. J. Well i bought a gasket kit from him didnt tell me a brand but he says their good. I guess i have trust his word i just hope their good. But all in all hes a pretty good seller and im surprised hes not a part of this forum.. He says he raced a flat tracked cl350.
Absolutely 100 percent stand up guy!

one of the best ebay sellers out there; i bought a gasket set off him and when it didnt arrive after 3 weeks, he promptly sent me another one. Low and behold the second one came in, and then 3 days later the first one came in. sent the first one back to him.

nothing but good things to say. when i didnt message him, he came to me.
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