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Electrical Help.

I need help with my 75 CB360.

I eliminated the starter. I got rid of the controls on the handle bars, I am just using a two wire kill switch.
No turn signals. Front brake light switch is built into the cable (from a cl175).

The rest of the wiring and components are stock. I will have the charging system, head light, tail/brake light (w/ front & rear switches), speedo light, neutral light and stock key assy.

I need to know how to hook up the battery. I have the negative to a good frame ground, the positive I have to the battery cable that attached to the starter solenoid.

I am getting power to the fuse box, but it is not showing power across the main fuse. If I check between the main and the tail, I get the battery current.

The rest of the items – what wires from the right & left bars do I need to connect to make the whole system work? Why is there no power to the headlight? What is the positive power

Also, some of the wires I have are not the same as the two different wire diagrams that I downloaded. Did Honda make changes to the colors? Why?

The neutral switch in the motor shows that it goes to the starter and the ground. What do I have to do to make the idiot light work correctly?

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