Electrical Supplies, Wire, relays switches etc


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We need a place to list all our electrical suppliers, so let me start the ball rolling:




Cycle Terminal

I have bought from all three and they were all excellent.

Waytek also sell Molex waterproof connectors

Wires can be bought by the foot or roll.




Waytek also sell TWP (thin wall) wire as well as GPT (general purpose) wire.

Wire Sizes
You can use 20 or 22 gauge for LED lights or even thinner, but use thicker (18) for most circuits and probably 14 gauge or thicker. Here's a simple calculator http://www.gtsparkplugs.com/WireSizeCalc.html
and guide http://www.offroaders.com/tech/12-volt-wire-gauge-amps.htm

Or check this article http://www.rowand.net/Shop/Tech/WireCapacityChart.htm

Cable wrap and shrink wrap
Then you need a good supply of heat shrink tube and sleeve http://cableorganizer.com/fray-resistant/

Use a relay on the ignition and headlamps and you get better lights and stronger sparks
Pamco electronic ignition

CB350 http://www.cb450ignition.com/Index350.htm

CB450 http://www.cb450ignition.com/

CB750 http://www.cb750ignition.com/

XS650 Yamaha http://www.mikesxs.net/products-81.html as a complete kit or bare bones.
Ignition coils

UK Rex Caunt Racing http://rexcauntracing.com/pages/htcoils.html

DYNA http://www.dynaonline.com/skins/products/accessories/Dyna_Coils/
or scan ebay for deals. Usually use 5 ohm coils for teh street and 3 ohm for racing and lower than that for modern ECM systems.

Or online dealers like http://www.mpsracing.com/products/MSD/Coils.asp

Or https://www.denniskirk.com/search/ignition+coil.q

Or http://hvccycle.com/coils.html
Re: Eletcical Supplies, Wire, relays switches etc

Thanks Teazer-

This is going to be a big help with re-doing my electrics from scratch.

Re: Eletcical Supplies, Wire, relays switches etc

I will be building a harness from scratch too. Being in the industry, this will be one of my favorite parts of the build.
I bought my conventional Battery from a local Batteries Plus Dealer. The Battery was $32 for a 12A12n4 battery. That includes 7.5% tax.

There's also a $5 core charge. So $37 and $5 back when you return an old battery.

Good deal. the Battery was an X2 Extreme, a private label for them, but it looks like it is made by Exide.

Decent battery at an excellent price.

No prices on the website, but the batteries are listed and the local stores listed. I called my local store and got the price from them.

Awesome! Thank you for this thread ;D

I was at the International Motorcycle Show in San Mateo CA not to long ago when I came across Shorai batteries. Im sure a lot of people here have heard, but they offer some really small battery sizes for smaller bikes. The option for my CB160 was about the size of my fist! Which allows me to make a smaller tail if I want to.

Anyways, the guy said that when I call to mention the IMS discount to a rep and they will give an extra % off the battery.


Rex's Speed Shop


Vintage Japanese connectors

Battery eliminators

Wire & sleeving

connectors (we stock far more then we have on our website - i just never seem to get the time to add them!)

small gel batteries

Universal regulator/rectifiers

help and advice

cafe racer chrome ignition switches

Vintage HT cloth briaded HT lead
I figure I would add this link even though it is based out of the UK will ship to other countries http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/VWP-onlinestore/cable/thinwall.php wide variety of colors to match your oem wiring loom.
Found this linky in vintageconnections.com to a source for multi-colored primary wire (w/tracer), Plus a variety of other hard to find supplies. Available in cloth or plastic, straight or spiral tracers. 10' minimum per color but that seems perfect for a motorcycle harness. A huge selection of colors and patterns and not bad priced, currently .22 cents per foot for 18g plastic and .27 cents for cloth.
Rhode Island Wiring Service Inc. http://www.riwire.com/Catalogs/sup/pages/wire.htm




makes for VERY bulky wiring looms. Not really suitable for motorcycles.

OK on cars where you have the room for larger wiring
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