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Now that we have a new engine section I thought that it would be nice to have an engine inspiration thread where we could all post photos of our engines so that other members could look at various cosmetic finishes all on one thread!

Here are some of the most recent engines I have built.

I am finishing this CB450 engine for Brother Habanero52 who is a member here, this is the link to the complete build http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=27633.0

The cases, cylinders, cylinder head, etc. are finished with VHT SP903 Satin Black paint.
Polished cam bearing housings, stator, and oil filter cover.
The inner stator, clutch, sprocket, and cam covers are a natural aluminum blasted finish and sealed with Shark Hide.



My personal CB450 engine.

The inner stator, sprocket, clutch, starter, and cam covers are finished with VHT SP404 Gold Flake Paint.
Polished cam bearing housings, stator, and oil filter cover.
Factory Honda silver cases, cylinder, and cylinder head.



This is a CB900 I did for one of my local Brothers.

The cases, cylinders, and cylinder head are finished with Duplicolor Gloss Black paint and the stator, ignition, starter, and valve cover are finished with SP404 Gold Flake paint.


My personal CB550 before I started reverse porting it.

The cases, cylinder head, and breather cover are finished with VHT403 Titanium Silver Blue paint.
Flat black paint on the cylinders.
The intake manifolds, valve cover and engravings are finished with VHT SP402 Burnt Copper.
I am still working on the aluminum but the stator, clutch, cylinder fins, valve cover end caps, etc. will all be polished aluminum.
The engravings were done by me and are finished with SP402 Burnt Copper.




This is the Bridgestone 200cc rotary disc valve twin two stroke engine that we built for the Bridgestone motorcycle we are restoring for Brother casi. Here is a link to the build if you would like to see all of the photos http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=32957.0





XS1100 1196cc big bore engine.





CB750 Engine.

RD350 engine

CL450 498cc big bore chopper engine

Yamaha XS1 XS650 engine rebuild

Yamaha XS2 XS650 engine rebuild

Kawasaki KZ440 engine rebuild

Honda CB350F engine rebuild

Here's a few of my Honda 360 engine (bored out to 378):




Paint for the jugs is high temp Duplicolor Engine Enamel (#DE1613) and the paint on the exhaust flanges is the same stuff, but in a different color (#DE1653). The other paint (cases, emblems, rocker covers, etc) are all various colors of Rustoleum enamels, some with a spray can others in a can/brush for detail work. The polished fins are actually a silver paint-based calligraphy pen.
Hey brother Joey,

What paint are you using to get te mat balck finish on your cylinders??? Does it stand up well???

Also have you tried doing the harley style wrinkle finish on anything, and if so what product did you use??

One more question, how are you prepping the aluminum before paint, and you sanding it or etching the surface somehow.

I'm just about at the painting point with my motor and i really want the finish to last.

" Bought in Bushels" Kawi H1/H1 Cafe
Hey Joey, what an excellent idea.

Let's some of us who are a little undecided what stuff looks like "in the flesh" - nice detailing BTW.

I'm contemplating a fine wrinkle Red for my TR1 power unit with gold accents - cam covers, etc.
Brother Sonreir your engine looks beautiful! I love the variety of colors that you used!

Brother Rattlecan I have tested a lot of different engine paints and to be totally honest I really prefer the VHT. The satin black I used on the CB450 engne is VHT SP903, A lot of people do not know about it but the SP903 is a specially formulated high temperature gas and oil resistant case paint for motorcycle and atv engine cases. The advertising for the SP903 says it is for use without primer however the can itself says to use primer. VHT engine primer is SP148. To prepare the surface for paint I degrease and wash the parts, sand them, and then wash them again a couple of times. You could also use a scotch brite pad or similar pad instead of sanding. I have not used any wrinkle finish in a while so maybe another member here could share their experiences with current products for that finish.

Brother beachcomber thank you for the compliment and I am happy that you like the idea of this thread! There are so many beautiful engines here on dotheton I really thought it would be nice if we had a thread to display them all in and also hope that it will be a source of inspiration for others. Your wrinkle red and gold is going to be beautiful!
My XT500 engine, crankcase with stock paint, cylinder and cylinderhead glass ball blasted,
also clutch cover which is already fading to grey (magnesium). Cam- and valve-cover chrome


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This is going to be a great thread! I second the use of the vht. That's what I used on my xs650.
My CB350 motor... In its final mock up; not finished. I'll change pic once its finished with carbs mounted.

Just a request - can we take this a stage further and when you post pix. Tell us what paint / plating / stove enamelling process you used to achieve the finish?

'Frinstance I tripped over this wrinkle finish - much more consistent and simple to apply - no ovens / heat required as with Sperex / VHT and other rattle cans.

It's NOT actually an automotive finish, and as I said we simply tripped over it by coincidence.

Not so good pic - but here it is applied to Black plastic air intake for BMW K100. The idea was to disguise the horrible plastic and make it look like painted cast alloy! This one came out gloss - but all the other sample batches they sent were satin finish. However, the good news is it can be painted with any cellulose top coat.

I got them to make a batch of FO Red, which is what I intend to use on the TR1 Cafe Racer engine.

Not so much use for my US cousins, but an example of what's out there that we don't neccessarily know about !
This is a great thread. i am so glad that i got started. I believe that it will be a fast growing thread and I am very appreciative of Joey's postings!!!! :)
I agree, that is a great idea Brother beachcomber so I also edited my original post and added the colors and their part numbers.

Thank you Brother Habanero52 I thought it would be very nice to have all of the beautiful engines here on dotheton showcased in one place togethor for everyone to enjoy! Most of you already know but for the record Brother Habanero52 is the owner of the first CB450 engine in my original post, I also added the link to the full engine build on my original post.
Agreed. It'd be rad if we could get a small write up on the application of paint, etc.

I painted my motor last year with hi temp paint I got from Pep Boys (don't remember the brand) and I didn't use any primer or clear. I'm not even sure if they make hi temp clear. I used the heat of the motor to 'cook' the paint. Long story short, it didn't hold up well at all...
Useful Idiot said:
Agreed. It'd be rad if we could get a small write up on the application of paint, etc.

I painted my motor last year with hi temp paint I got from Pep Boys (don't remember the brand) and I didn't use any primer or clear. I'm not even sure if they make hi temp clear. I used the heat of the motor to 'cook' the paint. Long story short, it didn't hold up well at all...

I'm having the same issue right now with my head. It was to much work to have it only last one season. :(
doing motors trick is one of my fav parts of building a bike! that and the frame to me really show the work that went into a bike... you dont always have to crack cases to get great results but sometimes when you do... unreal!!!

here are a few we have done


i liked it so much i inked it









and my personal fav... the motor is not assembled yet...but the jugs are so sick...took a ton of work but so well worth it

had to post this...this is our coating work on a motor my buddy chad build... so slick

guess what is happening to this one
I really like the look of polished aluminum and black. Here are a couple of pics of my past bikes, KZ650 and CB400T.



remember how it used to be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Built in 1982 for Yamaha Europe by John Reed [ aka Uncle Bunt ] won loads of prestige events [ Best Bike - Oakland ] and was retired until 2 years ago when it was decided to refurb it to see how it would do against today's machines. It will be finished by November 2011.

I don't think many of the styling cues will find their way onto MY TR1 !!

Taken from the cover of BSH [ Back Street Heroes mag Sept. 2011 issue ] .

What do we think? A bit OTT. ;)

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