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Well, shit........ Here's my deal.

Took top end off of the engine on my 73 XL250. Removed piston to clean off carbon buildup. As I was pulling the cylinder head off the 4 crankcase guides there was rust and debris that fell into the cam chain area and all around the piston. I know I should have put a rag or something down where the timing chain was but I forgot.

So, question is......How to I flush the crap out? I really don't want to break the engine down anymore. This is my first tear down and I know I would probably make some mistakes along the way so I guess this is number one.

Any ideas?


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Remove cover on cam chain side (generator cover?)
Should be able to get most of the crap out


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All around the piston? Did you take the cylinder head off or just the rocker cover?

If stuff fell down the slot for the cam chain, I'd suggest at minimum dropping the oil pan off and you can flush it with warm motor oil from the top end down to help wash stuff out. A shop-vac might come in handy for the top end.


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XL doesn't have horizontal case split, as far as I remember there is only a drain plug
If stuff felldown cam chain tunnel removing cover is only way to get at it


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I took cylinder head off too. All side covers are off as well. So recommendation is to use warm motor oil and flush with that? this is going to be messy!
PJ- yes, you are right, there is just a drain plug.

Thanks for the help guys.


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Get some diesel, works better as its thinner.
It is just as messy though.
The black tubs (about 2ft by 2.5ft 8 ins high, seen them used for mixing cement, plaster,etc) and put motor in it to flush/wash

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