Explain your dtt name


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TheCoffeeGuy said:
I own and am www.thecoffeeguy.ca
And here I thought thecoffeeguy.ca was a guy who sold coffee...close to home, too...blast it all!
Cool blog though!


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I used to make up different names for each forum. I got tired of forgetting them and having trouble logging in. My name is John and I was born in '83. Easy to remember.


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I got mine from a decal on the bug which I have always liked. I also frequent a VW forum under a VW related name (BrownBUG) which wasn't really appropriate for this forum.


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My first (and only DDT one so far) project is my RD350 cafe. It's a 74 and I was picturing a nice dose of blue smoke billowing out of some coll chambers. Bluesmokey74 was born.

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Nothin really special behind mine. Years ago, I started chatting on f-body forums. I had an 87 Firebird, and it was red. So I picked Redbird. It stuck, and I've been Redbird ever since.


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Redbird said:
Nothin really special behind mine. Years ago, I started chatting on f-body forums. I had an 87 Firebird, and it was red. So I picked Redbird. It stuck, and I've been Redbird ever since.
And here I thought you got your name from how much you enjoy the red headed ladies. Ha.


I was in a straightedge hardcore band between 2000-2002 named Run Devil Run. People started calling me run Mikey run, that was a thing for a while... they didn't know your last name or whatever so you'd end up with something related to your band so fans knew who they were talking about. Did some touring, on a hardcore label so it kinda got around a little. Anyways, that era is when I started joining forums so I went with it. Now it's just my standard.

I still play, started a doom band this year. I try to keep active although the touring days are over.

Skinny, younger me with that band. This was in Muncie, IN. We were from Cleveland.


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JustinLonghorn said:
And here I thought you got your name from how much you enjoy the red headed ladies. Ha.
clem said:
I'm with ya Justin. I thought we'd get an elaborate story from that name.
hurco550 said:
yeah Chris. way to disappoint everyone.... ;)
Wow :eek:
Ok, I'll tell ya the double top secret story, but y'all can't tell anyone else!
Yes, it's true I've always an affection (affliction?) for auburn haired cuties.
The story starts many many years ago, back when I was a toddler. I was almost as smooth with the ladies back then as I am today. One day on the playground, a HotMom named Red (not coincidently) was dropping off her brat. I knew she was "good to go" by the trashy makeup, spandex pants, and hooker heels. So I ride my trike over and say "Hey Babe, wanna go for a ride? I got Pixie Sticks ;)". I think she was a lesbian, because she just rolled her eyes and walked off. Naturally I gave her the finger. All my homies dropped their Hugs and said "Daaaayuuuummmm!! He just gave Red the Bird!!!"
And that's where it started to form.

Fast forward a few years and I'm in High School. We skipped school to check out the Von Steuben Day parade. Being much smoother than my toddler years, I was able to talk us into a balcony viewing spot by telling the doorman I was Joe Gambino (of Gambinos Bakery fame). Well, while the parade was passing, and some schmuck was on a float singing Danke Schoen, I see this redhead in the crowd faint. I tried yelling down for help, but no one could hear over all that catterwallin. So I grabbed a tablecloth, took a corner in each hand and clenched the other two corners in my teeth. And I jumped! Yes JUMPED from the balcony, and glided down to the street to help her. Just as I was about to perform vigorous chest massage, her eyes opened. Thank God she was alive! Seeing an opportunity, I asked her "Hey Babe, wanna jump me with my Parachute? I got Donuts ;)". I think she might've been a lesbian too, because she just jumped up, rolled her eyes, and ran off. A few people (one person) in the crowd started chanting (said) "That kid saved that Redhead by swooping in like a Bird!" (or something like that)
I told him about the previous story, and a pattern developed.

Fast forward a few more years and I'm in the military. We had just liberated Dublin from the Canadians. It was a brutal war, fought mostly with beer and whiskey, but there were a few potatoes and slabs of bacon (looked like ham to me) thrown too. After the treaties and truces were signed, a great party broke out. Of course, in Ireland, it was a target rich environment. Being much smoother still than my High School years, I was putting the moves on every Ginger Lass in the joint. I was using the line, "Hey Babe, wanna see my Hummer? I've got Beernuts ;)". It was weird, all of them must've been lesbians as well. Because after several face slaps,knees to the groin, and drinks thrown in my face, they all rolled their eyes and walked/ran off. One of the Canadians, or maybe an Irishman, (it's hard to tell the accents apart) says to me "Man, you're like a hawk, flyin around the room after all the Red Birds" (seems "Bird" is a slang word for girls back in Paris).
I had to tell him about the previous two stories, and the moniker was solidified.

Fast forward a few more years, and I am just dying to chat on an F-body forum. I couldn't possibly tell anyone about my secret adventures (toddlers banging HotMoms, skipping school and banging random street girls, the secret war mission and banging every girl on the continent of Ireland), but I desperately wanted to use my hard earned Nickname. So I scoured the land far and wide for the only thing that would make sense to the Average Joe... the only story that would be remotely believable.. and I found it on a used car lot on Lime St. in Metairie... an '87 Firebird (optioned with a V8 and T-tops) in the perfect hue... RED!

And there you have it guys... the REAL story behind my screen name.
But remember, if anyone asks... tell them the other story ;)


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Wow. That's quite the tale. You, sir, have had a lifetime of very hard luck w/ the female gingers. Hopefully some day good fortune will smile on you and reward your lifelong pursuit. (And imagine, turning down Pixie Sticks! The woman MUST have been a lesbian, for sure!)

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