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Ive always dreamed of having a lathe and tig welder, well now i dont own one but have access to both!! The only problem is i cant think of anything i need made now that i actiually can lol. Any ideas? thus far ive rebuilt a set of headers that had mashed flat primaries from a wreck for my car. Ive made my own y pipe and a few other misc brackets. Im about to build a press out of a manual bottle jack. Now im drawing a blank though! Any ideas for some lathe use? Be it to make a useful tool or a bike part shoot me some ideas. I also would like to find an easy to make part that i could sell some extras of. I have access to a press, i lathe, loads of metal, mig, tig, stick welders, any bolt you coud eever need and all sorts of other fab shop type goodies. Hit me with some ideas, thanks!
How about bearing, race, and seal driver set.

They are too cheap to buy for it to be worth attempting to manufacture them, but they would be a good project to build your proficiency.


Bearing separator/puller is another good project.

I made my own recently. It was special purpose for taking the steering stem bearing off of a bottom triple tree. Your typical commercially available bearing separator would have never fit into place.




Here's another project.

Wheel balancer/truing stand.
nice! looks like a pretty good idea. and from the looks of it, a little tweeking and you may also have a good spring compressor. im gonna have to get some pics of the stuff ive got. i used a plasma cutter and made a small anvil out of a piece of railroad track. came out really nice and i use it all the time
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