fender eliminators for Honda CB550's

Hi there! Yeah, I kind of moved off the forums and just do Ebay now. These parts don't sell as often as some Moto Guzzi stuff we do, but I still have a box on the shelf!

Ebay says $110 shipped. Are you in the lower 48? If so, paypal me $90 and I'll get it off, shipping included.

paypal is 206 595 2793


Ben Oleson
Zook, does your current item on ebay still fit 550s? If not do you have any old stock left?
It does! We still make them.

If you want one, skip Ebay though and just paypal me directly. $90, shipped, if you're in the lower 48 - instead of $109 plus shipping on Ebay.

Thanks! paypal address is ben@zaogardening.com or my phone number

Ben Oleson
206 595 2793
ha! well, they're getting $99 on Ebay! How about $79?

Seattle, WA
(206) 595.279d
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