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So this just happened today! I bought a bagger. It's a 1986 Honda Goldwing Aspencade 1200 with 60000 miles showing on the clock. Runs solid and smooth, pulls really hard with a passenger... Impressive actually for how fat her ass is! (The motorcycle that is). Anyways I paid $1900 bucks for it and would appreciate any heads up on maintenance issues to look for on these. I'm pretty good with the inline motors but these are all new to me. It came with a clymer repair manual as well. Thanks in advance!

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Nice. I have one too. Under the left side cover (or was it the left false tank) you'll find a 3 yellow wire connector from the stator. They are known to short and melt. Basically corrosion sets in and they start getting hot.

Eliminate that connector and solder the leads together directly then shrink wrap each.

Do a check on the charging circuit. You can find the procedure on the GW forums and prob you tube.

Check the fork brace for cracks (the bit just atop the fender).

Timing belts should be done every 7 years I think. Certainly if the age or mileage on em is unknown get em changed. Lose a beat, lose your motor.

Only use honda coolant to prevent corrosion issues.


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+1 unless you know the timing belts have recently been done, do them. It's easy there is a complete walk through on there are also belt cross reference numbers on there for gates and other belts from NAPA etc.


Yeah just get em from auto supply not honda $$$

I heard there can be an issue with rear hubs. Something to look into if mileage is high. Btw 300k in these motors is normal.

Randaaks makes a nice kit with quality parts and manual for carb rebuilds.

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