First build- 82 Virago 750


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Hi, just wanted to share my project with some fellow builders. I know there are a few of these being built now. Thanks for looking!


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Thanks. I've only got a few pics of the parts when finished, should have taken more in progress.


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Jayar is the guy who built the Classified Moto. Look him up and i'm sure he will answer any questions you have.
Nice Build! I love this pic with the take-off parts in the foreground, the hotrod frame specs on the wall, and the plumbers wrenches on the toolboard: classic!
can you tell us what you have done so far, im really diggin this, its a future project for me.
Sure, here's the list...rear wheel conversion to the front (using Cafe-XV750's kit), front forks internally dropped 2.5", Ducati Monster head light, Tomaselli knock off clip-ons, gast tank lifted at rear mount about 1.5", home built rear subframe, necessary electronics relocated under seat, aluminum seat pan will be topped with 1" EVA foam, tail piece built from cut up gas tank (don't remember what it was from), sealed battery relocated inside tail piece, rearsets are 90's Ninja, shifter I believe is Suzuki, shortened and reverse mounted rear brake pedal for use with the rearsets, home built exhaust with old Kerker silencer. That's about it, besides getting rid of all the ueless garbage in the factory wiring harness. Feel free to ask any specific questions, I'll answer if I can.
crush1776 said:
Nice Build! I love this pic with the take-off parts in the foreground, the hotrod frame specs on the wall, and the plumbers wrenches on the toolboard: classic!

Agreed! I liked the parts pile as well. Nice progress, too. Keep it up!
Vees are the way to go !!!!!!!!!!!!

My own TR1 is also coming along nicely now, just got my PC back, so hoping to get some pix up soon.

I'm going down the sixties style route - wire spoked wheels [ chain drive ] clip ons, rear sets, 7" chrome headlamp, etc.

We're just mocking up an exhaust [ yours is looking spot on ] to clear the rear tyre as I've shortened the wheelbase via the axle slot in the swingarm [ 2" ].

I've temporarily raised the fork tubes by 2" to give us an idea of stance - now we'll be looking to shorten internally - did you use a 2" tube?

I might also try a set of progressive fork springs - anyone tried that?

The RAM alloy shocker is looking the canine's cajones.

I'm off to Holland soon [ hopefully ] to collect 3 - 4 more bikes ! Real cheap in Holland. As soon as I get my hands on a spare engine, I'll start work on the mild tune up I have in mind.

I hope to have the AJS 7R styled petrol tank overlay completed by the end of the week.
Putting it back together. Really looking forward to getting it on the road.


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Well done! That beast looks perfect! I saw a couple in a junkyard yesterday and was tempted to just take it and rebuild the monster. It's amazing what these bikes can turn into from stock form. Looks like you had a little fun with the rear tire.
Thanks! Definitely does not look anything like the bike comes from the factory. Attached is a pic of the bike the day I picked it up.


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I like the black forks!

Anxious to see what you do for clocks. OE isn't horrible, but pretty easy to ditch the tach and use a vintage speedo - I found a nice Yamaha one cheap on eBay awhile back ... even has hi/lo beam and turn indicators in it!

Shortening or procuring shorter cables?
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