Float height on 360 using the clear tube method?


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Hi, sorry for yet another Carburetor question,
I have a Honda CJ360T and i was looking at setting the floats using the clear tube method as i am having a few issues trying to do it by sitting the carb at an angle and setting it that way.

So with the clear tube method, where should i be looking at getting the fuel height to line up with?
So i be looking to get the fuel height at the height of the gasket on the float bowl or is there a measurement that i should be aiming for above or below the gasket on the float bowl?
I find i can work with this method a lot easier.

I hope that question makes sense.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Good question.

The answer for most bikes as a place to start is 3mm below the gasket surface. If that is too rich or too lean, you know where you started and can move it slightly if it needs to be.

On a CV carb, once the fuel level is set, don't mess with it until you understand the way that different circuits interact and you have had your carbs modified by PJ if you run pod filters.


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Thanks for the reply,
Yes, using the method of tilting the carbs until the tang just touches the needle i was ending up with the fuel level sitting about 3mm above the gasket.
I figured that was way too much fuel to have in the carbs so was thinking having the fuel level sitting level with the gasket would most likely be the spot to have it.
I am running the original air filters also

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