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I bought a 77 cb750 that has a Illinois title. The seller and I live in FL. So I took the Illinois title, and the bike to the local dmv. They said I need the seller to be there as well to sign off on the paperwork to getget changed to a FL title in my name. I can't make contact with the seller. I do have a bill of sale that I forgot to bring the first time. If that doesn't work do I have any options, or am I stuck with a bike I can't ride?


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Should be good with the bill of sale. I'm not familiar with the Illinois titles, but is there a spot for the seller to fill out (print & sign)? If so, was it filled out?

Also, even though the tag office can do it for you, it may be helpful to have a LEO complete a VIN verification form. That way, the DMV knows the bike isn't stolen.

If all else fails, there is always the Vermont route. I picked up a CB750 from my brother, but he had never titled it in his name. To make matters worse, he had misplaced the title and bill of sale from the previous owner. He had picked up a few bikes from a seller while he was traveling for work and they had been sitting in his storage unit for a few years, during which he had moved 3-4 times.
I contacted the State of Vermont DMV and explained the situation (I live in Florida, BTW). I sent them a Vermont Application for Title, a Vermont VIN Verification Form, a copy of the Bill of Sale, and a check for the registration fee. They sent me a plate and transferable registration. I took the registration to the Florida DMV and got my tag and title. IIRC, the fee for Vermont was $75+/-. They ended up sending me a refund check because they initially overcharged me.


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Thanks for the feedback Imarshall. I'm going to try tomorrow and if all else fails Ill do the Vermont route. Where abouts in FL you from?


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just have somebody else sign it ...as long as the deal is a known legit thing then you are not committing a karma crime in my ho


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What county is that in? I've titled many a vehicle/bike in Pinellas with out of state titles with no issues.
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