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Long time listener, first time caller here. Been lurking as a guest off and on for a few years now and decided to finally join. I’ve been riding off and on for about 25 years. My rides have been everything from my first bike, a ‘75 Kaw z1b, to Harley shovelhead, vintage Triumph and BSA, a few UJM’s. My current stable includes 2 Yamaha xs650’s and a HD Fatboy. I’m just finishing up my 1975 xs650 resto-mod and it turned out quite well. I’m just chasing down a few tuning bugs and it’s done. I just pulled in my ‘78 xs650 from long term storage into the shop. I’ve owned this one for about 10 years but it’s mostly just been a collection of parts and will be more of a tracker/scrambler theme. I’ve worked on it here and there in between a few moves, but it’s never run in my ownership. I hope to change that this winter. I’ll try and post some pictures, but being a noob here I am still trying to figure that out.


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Welcome! The standard 650 is very well done. Nice subtle modifications that really clean it up!
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