For Better or For Worse, she's back


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I can't believe it.... I went to the reggae festival last summer and got so hammered I lost most of my clothes and my buddies took off (prolly due to my "shirtless-pantsless dancing") Somehow I ended up at Republic night club, got my 10 mm wrench confiscated at the door by the bouncer. Really danced it up with some HOT asian ladies. Turns out their boyfreinds didn't like my 6' 2" white ass solid goldin it up with their girls? Time to go, thanks for my wrench back. Wow that little guy sure could kick high, got me right in the head twice before I hit the sidewalk...Thankfully I have a buddy in the BIG RED MACHINE who rolled up to put the kybosh on me getting finished off lol... I laugh now but my head hurt for like a month. So what do I do? Bring me to the chopper! I rode the fucker across Winnepeg to Old ST. Vital from the exchange district (about 40 blocks) at 3 am, no plates, mc liscence, or helmet, bleeding and drunk.
The Next morning I wake up on my buddies couch still bleeding a bit, and get up and push the fucker a block to the nearest bus stop and just leaned her there and walk away. Fast forward to last month, I'm in my buddies back yard helping him reposition his 383 Dakota and his 66 Polara and he says dude check this out and rips an old entertaiment unit away from the back of his shitty old garage (shitty because it really is shitty-dog shitty....thanks winston ya big asshole dog) and my chopper falls over! SWEET! or is it?....
Any ways sorry for the rambling, I got my bike back.


Reminds me No, I'm sure of it. I hate him
That's awesome.
You didn't know he had it? Some friend.

Why'd you leave it at the bus stop?


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I left it at the bus stop because I knew we were bad for each that's kinda where I found her, abandoned in a ditch with no engine beside a quad trail.
she did get me home that night... there but for the grace of dog, went I
I left out the beginning of the story. I got in a huge fight with my wife that morning, and went to the feed mill where I work, and where the bike lived (leaned) against the fence. We had come a long way at that point, she(the bike, not my wife) was built in the warm basement, rebuilt and displayed upstairs in the kitchen until we moved and I snapped my femur.
It's got trx400 engine,sprocket and harness and the ratcheting starter gear behind the stator is gone, it's push start only as there is no kicker on that engine. Messed around pushing it up the loading ramp, coasting down and dropping the clutch and she was alive. Good thing that engine has high compression 'cause them the brakes.
crazy thing is I put like 500 country miles on it.
To answer the question, I left it at the bus stop because I felt lucky to be alive that morning, and although the quality of my luck had no equal, the quantity might indeed be measurable. (sorry Phaedrus)
So i pulled the carb off today, I'm gonna change the pilot jet from a 38 to a 42 for easier push starting, and the main jet from a 148 to a 160 because my exhaust is only a foot long with a 16 hp lawn tractor muffler that has the holes drilled to 1/4"


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This thread makes me laugh. Reminds me of a friend of mine. He was on something too.



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Nuts completely nuts, I like it! I've never been snap kicked in the head (twice) this is why I don't go out LOL!


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Yup - all made sense when I read about the ride across Winnipeg :) I grew up there - moved to Toronto when I was in my early 20's.


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Thanks! Sure, here they are in no particular order...

This is where it started, I really did find it in a ditch , we towed it home through the woods with my XL200. The most recent pics are stuck in my camera, I'll have to get some fresh batteries..


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Does anyone know of any bike wreckers in or around Winnipeg? Or even southern Manitoba? I need a gas tank, for cheaper than the $140 the rad shop quoted me to boil mine, and after then my petcock will still only dribble. I'm tempted to hang a boat gas tank off of this thing this weekend, just to ride it again. I really can't believe it came back.
I gave my brother in law my 84 xl200, but he somehow managed to seize it up. I'm baffled, it was in hiding from 1989 to 2007, I boiled the carb changed the oil and tires and lubed the chain. And then he overheated and seized it. :'( I might try to claim it back, and pull the wheels and forks for my cb.


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Any body ever tried muriatic acid to clean the inside of a tank?

And is it just me , or did my lace paint job come out cheezy?

I'm tired of cleaning this crap out


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Too funny hot asian chicks , karate kicks to tha head, a bike ,and an angry wife.. sounds like a action packed movie!!! Classic!!


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Update... still waiting on my jets, but a truck driver delivering lick tubs for cows this morning saw my bike leaning against the fence this morning at the feed mill and inquired about it turns out he has an xs 650 mill in an old amen frame and a '72 sporty hardtail. Pm me if anyone around Winnipeg is interested, both are for sale.

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