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Okay lads, due to lack of time & other obligations I have decided to sell my 750b1. My goal was a Cafe Racer so it has been slightly modified - rear tail cut off just past rear shocks, removed rear peg brackets, complete GPZ750A frontend with mock-up head bearings, clip ons, zephyr swingarm (being modified to fit frame) + GPZ750 rearwheel ,GSXR-K rearsets (yet to be fitted) otherwise all there. It hasnt been stripped other than clocks, bodywork, tank & seat removed. Included in sale - front wire & alloy wheel, If anyone would like to complete the project make me an offer or if you want more info - leave me a message. Thanks.

(I may even break IF there's enough interest)
just a suggesion, if you want someone to just make an offer... you might wanna show em what you got. :)
I've got a build thread...I'll trade my three tx 500's for your kawasaki. One titled and two parts bikes.
I totally understand. Wish I'd seen this before I'd bought the yammies. I was looking for a kz750 twin but couldn't find any....
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