Fork Covers - SR500 & XS650 35mm forks

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I wanted to let everyone know that I build and sell fork covers that are a direct bolt on to '75-'82 XS650's and '78-'81 SR500's.
*'74 fork should be 34mm but the covers will still work

They are hand built from steel and are sold either 'primed for paint' or 'polished and clear coated'. A "raw" finished can be provided as well as custom lengths. I've been building and selling these for the past year with great response and I'm now looking to reach a wider audience.

Primed for paint - $100 + shipping
Polished & Cleared - $150 + shipping

Please visit to purchase
or contact me at:





Rich Ard

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I think you do, too. Pretty damn good price point.

In fact, if I could jam these on the 36mm Ninja forks I would need a set too :)


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I got a set a while back for my Voodoo bike - really do need to spend some time on that one this winter.



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Just went to buy a set of these and found out that he's going to stop making them within the next month. If anyone wants a set for a current or future project I'd buy them now.

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