Forks for 1980 CB750 Super Sport


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Just bought this '80 CB750 w/ bent forks (haven't picked it up yet).

What Honda triple stems or 35mm forks are bolt-on?

It's so complete/original that I want it to keep it as stock looking as possible.

I have a GL500 front wheel already and should have the GL500 forks around here somewhere.

Other suggestions welcome.

What diameter are they and how long? I have a pair of GL1000 fork legs that MIGHT work.

Where are the guys that fitted GSXR forks to their CB750s and CB900s? Maybe one of them has some forks to spare.
GL1000 trees drop right in. You'll need to fab (or use from GL) headlight ears and clock mounts. I put '78 GL1000 front end on a '79 CB750F.
And if he's opened again, Franks has the tubes for the 35mm forks.
Just about any CB750/4 fork from 1972-later will work. There are a few differences in length. Make sure your frame and/or triple tree is not bent. As clean as it is, I would look for replacement tubes and keep the original forks.
Yup, love me a Super Sport. Good score man, have fun getting it back on the road. These bikes are wild
Looking at pic I guess it was run into something then tubes reversed so it could be wheeled around. Even 35mm fork tubes are strong enough not to bend like that after even worst wheelie landing.
You probably need frame checked as steering head can 'twist' to one side. AQ quick check would be to take a look at the lower frame section that unbolts on right side and see if there are even gaps around cut end (front lower engine mount)
If fork tubes are not kinked, it's generally OK to straighten them, don't know how many hundreds of fork tubes I've done over the years but 'old' models with 4~5mm wall thickness are pretty easy and safe to do. Modern thin wall tubes are not only more difficult to straighten but also kink and dent very easily sowith 'modern' stuff I've only ever done temporary repairs to allow bike to be moved around workshops
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