Frames and bikes without papers - Ontario

Looking for information for bikes and/or frames with no ownership.
Love working on the old bikes and sometimes find great deals but then ad says "no ownership, just bill of sale".
It's a shame, that the classics have to sit and rot because ppl have lost a pce of paper. Whether the bike gets restored or made into something awesome, they deserve a 2nd life too.
If anyone has any information on how get missing ownerships I would greatly appreciate it, as I have 2 frames that I would love get papers for.

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Find a friend in Quebec
Take bike to local police in friends town
Obtain form 148 (says the bike is not reported stolen)
Go with friend to SAAQ and put bike in friends name
Have said friend transfer bike to you.

You may be able to do the same by yourself in Ont, but i'm not sure


there is another way, here is a link to the thread discussing this
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