Frames and bikes without papers - Ontario


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Looking for information for bikes and/or frames with no ownership.
Love working on the old bikes and sometimes find great deals but then ad says "no ownership, just bill of sale".
It's a shame, that the classics have to sit and rot because ppl have lost a pce of paper. Whether the bike gets restored or made into something awesome, they deserve a 2nd life too.
If anyone has any information on how get missing ownerships I would greatly appreciate it, as I have 2 frames that I would love get papers for.

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Just go to your local MTO office with serial number of the bike. They will do a search. I did it years ago, can't remember the process but it was no problem.
In Alberta bikes/frames like that just need to go through an Out of Province type inspection and if need be they will re-assign a new VIN to the bike and deem it road worthy.

But its a lengthy and costly experience.
check the other thread you started about this, I gave you a link to all the info you need regarding this subject. A thread was started on this a while ago and all you need to know is in there
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