From 4 to 2, aftermarket carb kits for CB750

There are 2 major kits that I'm aware of to take out the finicky and complex 4 carb system of the CB750 and replace them with 2 simple and reliable Mukini carbs. At $500-$600, they're not quite the inexpensive option (that would be a jet kit from someone like 6 sigma) but if u want to be sure your aftermarket pipes and filters are going to work, it's a wise purchase. This is what I got, the Speed Moto Co. set, the other is from Cycle X and is cheaper by about $100 depending on pricing at any given
time. Aesthetically, the key difference is that these carbs tuck inward and the cycle x set flares out the side of the bike, leaving the filters in what can be an awkward position against your knees but being far more noticeable and race machine in appearance. The set I got is rumored to put out a little more horsepower than the cycle x version and a smoother power curve. That being said, I would do the cycle X set next time just for the look and to try them both.
These carbs are 54mm and seem to haul pretty well. They came jetted for my set up and even synced. All in all, installation was easy and to my glee, the bike fired right up on the first cycle, easier than stock.
It's an expenditure but if you want to skip the nightmare that can be CB750 carbs, pull a unique look and even (supposedly) increase hp, I would recommend it as a satisfied buyer. Maintenance on a 54mm mukini is distinctly un-intimidating.

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irk miller

You've been mostly-dead all day.
You have a Murrays Carbs kit. It's the best kit for the application and he'll do you right with customer service.

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