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I am working on a cafe racer project, but I am having trouble finding clutch and front brake levers. I found some on Cognito Moto that I like, but they say it is for disc brake I think? I am keeping the drum brakes and so I'm not sure if I need the - what I think is - the master cylinder?

Can I just buy black levers? Like these:

My friend and I are learning as we go along and so any help is greatly appreciated!


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Cognito is a big sponsor of DO THE TON and I’m sure will answer your questions - get in touch with them directly.

You are correct - you don’t need or want a master cylinder. You need levers for cables, both brake and clutch side. Lots of them out there if Cognito can’t set you up.


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He did get back to me about which levers go with which switches, but I'm still confused by it. I'm under the impression that they need to fit together a certain way?


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I suspect that he's telling you that with that brake lever, there's no switches for Run or starter etc, so if your throttle also has no switches you will need a handlebar switch to add to the mix.

Many throttle housings come with switches built in but some do not.

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